Google Pay to Reimburse the Price Drop Difference for Travelers

The new Google Pay function, currently launched in pilot mode, allows travelers to get their money back in case the flight ticket price drops after their booking

Google Pay to Reimburse the Price Drop Difference for Travelers

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Google’s “Price Guarantee” that is “available on select Book on Google itineraries within Google Flights” in a pilot mode is an innovative feature that helps customers secure the best price available since the time of booking.

Once a person books an airline ticket, dedicated Google engine will monitor the price until the first flight on their itinerary departs. If the price drops within this period, it will notify the participants accordingly. Moreover, the travelers will be reimbursed the price difference in Google Pay.

The refunds may range from $5 to $500 per calendar year for three guaranteed bookings at any one time. These costs can be used to buy something else before the trip, during, or after.

To access them, users must download the Google Pay app within 90 days of the first flight in a given itinerary. At the same time, they don’t have to pay for the flights with Google Pay to qualify for the program — now tied to Alaska, Hawaiian and Spirit Airlines.

Price guarantee is only available if:

  • Your country/region is set to US and your currency is USD.
  • You book a ticket to one-way and round-trip flights that depart from the United States.
  • You use a US billing address and US phone number on the Book on Google page.
  • You are signed in with the same Google Account used when booking your flight on Book on Google.

Moreover, the offer doesn’t apply to all existing flights, but only those which Google is confident are already offering the best price possible. These flights are distinguished by a colorful price badge while booking.

Notably, if the airline updates prices faster than they load on Google Flights, the company may not be able to provide the guarantee.

We have previously reported that the global payment provider Mastercard has collaborated with Google to launch Google Pay in Kuwait.

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