Google Reportedly Assesses Further Investment in Character.AI

The media reports that Google is currently exploring the potential to continue investing in a technology startup Character.AI.

Google Reportedly Assesses Further Investment in Character.AI

According to the information held by journalists, this company is discussing the prospects of financial injects in the amount of several hundred million dollars in the mentioned startup specializing in the development of digital intelligence technologies. For Google, these commercial actions are important in the context of its large-scale concept of investing in the implementation of the mission to train chatbot models.

The media published information that the technology giant is exploring the prospects of increasing financial support for a startup operating in the sphere of artificial intelligence at the end of last week. In this case, journalists refer to anonymous insiders who are aware of internal discussions in Google, which are held behind closed doors.

There is also information that investments in a startup can be structured in the form of convertible notes. These data were also reported by the media concerning insiders.

If the current discussions that the tech giant is conducting eventually lead to a real provision of funding for Character.AI, the current cooperation between Google and the startup will be significantly strengthened. In this case, there are grounds to talk about mutual benefit. When implementing the scenario of further investment, the startup will receive a kind of financial base for the development of its activities. In this case, Google will expand the possibilities of using advanced developments, including in its products.

Character.AI currently uses cloud services owned by the tech giant and tensor processing units to train machine intelligence systems.

The media notes that chatbots created by a startup and functioning as a kind of virtual samples of analogs of famous characters from various spheres of activity interested young consumers. Approximately 60% of the web traffic of Character.AI digital products is provided by representatives of the younger generation, who like the idea of more fun and appropriate to the specifics of the behavior of a living person virtual assistant.

The startup was founded by veterans of Google’s innovation project focused on artificial intelligence, called DeepMind. This year, the firm, which is at an early stage of existence, managed to raise investment funds for $150 million. The startup is estimated at $1 billion.

Chatbots created by experts Character.AI, offer something like versions of Elon Musk, Mario from Nintendo, the late Michael Jackson, and Saul Goodman from Better Call Saul from the world of digital reality.

The beginning of November turned out to be a very busy period in terms of the amount of news from the artificial intelligence industry. OpenAI announced intention to launch a virtual store, where developers will be able to sell their GPT models. There was also information that the e-commerce giant Amazon is working on creating a large language model called Olympus. Experts noted that these efforts in the sphere of AI indicate that the mentioned company intends to have its developments and not rely on other firms in the ecosystem of digital products.

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