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Google’s AI Chatbot Answers Questions About YouTube Videos

Google has announced that its artificial intelligence-based chatbot called Bard can now answer users’ questions about videos posted on YouTube.

Google’s AI Chatbot Answers Questions About YouTube Videos

It should be clarified that the mentioned chatbot, which is a kind of digital thinking system, in September, after the launch of a special extension, could already analyze materials published on the specified virtual platform. However, now this assistant based on artificial intelligence can provide the user with a specific answer to requests regarding the content of videos.

On the Bard updates page, the tech giant said that the first steps are currently being taken as part of the development of the chatbot’s ability to understand YouTube videos. After improving the abilities of this digital product, users can, for example, ask how many eggs are needed to make a pie with olive oil, according to the recipe presented in the material, which is in the first position in the list of search results for the corresponding query on the said virtual platform.

The tech giant also reported that there was a demand from the Internet audience for more active use of YouTube videos. For this reason, the company is expanding the functionality of its chatbot.

Before the current update, the use of Bard in the context of interaction with YouTube was limited only to searching for certain videos. The expansion of the chatbot’s functionality occurred two weeks after the said video hosting began experimenting with the capabilities of generative artificial intelligence. An AI dialog tool has appeared on the virtual platform, which answers questions about content, and a new function that allows you to summarize topics in the comments to the video.

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