Ingenico and Fujitsu Unveil Present Vein Identification for In-Store Commerce

Ingenico and Fujitsu Frontech have introduced the most seamless biometric payment solution based on palm vein identification.

Ingenico and Fujitsu Unveil Present Vein Identification for In-Store Commerce


The developers call this solution the most accurate and secure. The technology was created based on the line of Android payment terminals from Ingenico AXIUM. This solution allows consumers to identify themselves and verify the authenticity of their payments by running their palms over a near-infrared (NIR) sensor.

When using the new payment method, there is no need for a credit card. The human hand is the only payment method that does not involve additional procedures.

The developers note that the maximum level of accuracy in the application of their proposed payment solution is ensured because each person has a unique vein pattern on the palm of his hand. For this reason, this method of determining the user’s identity is one of the most accurate biometric identification technologies in the world.

Vein identification is characterized by a higher level of security compared to alternatives such as fingerprints and facial recognition. Also, this technique has advantages in the form of ease of implementation and subsequent application.

Contactless and hygienic technology have the potential to increase the share of non-cash and digital transactions in markets around the world. If the user does not consider the identification of the veins sufficient to ensure an acceptable level of security, the developers of the payment solution are ready to provide him with additional verification procedures.

To connect consumers to the new service, sellers must first scan the customer’s palm in the near-infrared (NIR) range using a device developed by Ingenico. The device includes a sensor and software a Fujitsu PalmSecure-F Pro . This image is encrypted, labeled, and linked to the customer’s payment card in the Ingenico cloud environment.

Hackers cannot take close-up pictures of the internal structures of the veins of the palm to make transactions. The unique patterns under the skin are almost impossible to reproduce.

As we have reported earlier, China obligates all mobile users to pass face identification.

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