Instagram Debuts Gift Offerings for Creators

Meta has announced the expansion of its Instagram gift program.

Instagram Debuts Gift Offerings for Creators


The implementation of this solution is aimed at achieving the goal of attracting more creators to the platform.

Instagram Facebook launched a gift feature last year to give content makers the opportunity to earn money from their videos, and a short video feature on Instagram and Facebook.

Now the company has announced plans to expand this program to new markets. This is stated in a message that was published on the Meta blog. As part of the expansion of the gifted program, users in Australia, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, France, and the United Kingdom will have the opportunity to earn income from videos.

The company’s message says that with the help of the new feature, the creators will see what gifts fans have sent them. By clicking on the heart icon next to their subscribers, they will receive a notification that they have seen and recognized the gift. Meta claims that such an interaction format will strengthen the connection between content makers and their fans.

The new feature is part of a series of updates for Instagram creators. In the list of innovations, there is a special place for viewing popular songs on Reels, allowing you to see how many times the sound has been used, or save it for later use.

Meta has announced an update to Reels analysis function. The company has proposed two new metrics, including total and average viewing time. This solution will make it easier to view the data directly when viewing Reels.

Meta has also simplified editing Instagram videos. The company combined video clips, audio, stickers, and text on one editing screen. The Meta blog claims that this innovation makes it easier to align and link the elements of the video to the right moments in a more visual way.

The expansion of the gifted program became known simultaneously with the news that retailers announced positive results of the use of new Meta advertising tools in retail chains. Companies using Meta Lite managed affiliate advertising and local inventory advertising have demonstrated sales growth.

Instagram Facebook General claims that Managed Partner Ads Lite, which allows retailers to place ads on Facebook and Instagram, has helped improve customer engagement on these platforms.

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