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InvestCloud Upgrades White Platform

InvestCloud, the global leader in the digital transformation of the financial industry with assets of more than $ 6 trillion, announced the release of the next version of InvestCloud White called InvestCloud White FMB+

InvestCloud Upgrades White Platform


The product offer includes InvestCloud integrated solutions for the front, middle, and back offices. There are also simple multi-channel money management services that provide comprehensive tools to consultants and other asset managers.

The InvestCloud integrated solution is the result of the disbursement of investment funds that were directed to improving operational efficiency and simplifying complex business processes. The result of this activity is a set of understandable mechanisms for capital management.

FMB+ includes the best InvestCloud apps for customer communication, planning, trading, and accounting. Business process outsourcing (BPO) is also available.

InvestCloud’s BPO center is located in California and is currently used by clients such as William Blair in their SYSTM offering.

Mark Truesdale, Marketing director at InvestCloud, said that currently, many providers of digital transformation tools in the financial industry are suffering various setbacks, which is a chance for the company to provide a huge increase in efficiency to its money management clients. He also noted that many companies had previously announced the creation of integrated platforms, but the actual product did not match the announced characteristics.

Mike Truesdale called the problem of many firms the fact that they use a separate platform for each solution, and consumers need a single platform for the provision and implementation of all tools.

Yaela Shamberg, co-founder and director of Digital Wealth products at InvestCloud, says that most players face inherited hard-coding problems that haunt the industry. She also noted that White FMB + completely violates these norms and demonstrates what true digital technology is capable of.

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