Klarna Rolls Out AI Shopping Lens & Shoppable Videos

Klarna has introduced new AI-powered shopping tools that make product search easier. Now Klarna customers can find and buy items they see around them, in an image or a video clip.

Klarna Rolls Out AI Shopping Lens & Shoppable Videos

On Oct. 11, e-commerce and payments provider Klarna unveiled 13 new shopping tools and AI-powered products within its Spotlight Fall Launch. The main presentation focus was on the brand-new experiences of AI-powered image-search and shoppable videos.

The new AI-enabled shopping lens by Klarna allows shoppers to take a picture of their surroundings, upload it to the Klarna shopping app and instantly find out where to buy similar items or fashion styles. The shopping lens can visually identify and decipher over 10 million items like clothing, home decor or electronics. Customers can further benefit from using the search and compare tool in-app that helps to get the best deal. The new tool uses AI to translate the image into a textual search term and make it shoppable. It is currently available in the US, UK, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

However, not only images now present a shopping opportunity to Klarna’s customers. Videos are becoming shoppable too within Klarna’s AI-powered discovery shopping feed. After the initial success of a trial roll-out in the US, the feature is now available globally. Shoppable videos presented by Klarna may take the form of unboxings, tutorials, reviews or product drops. This curated content is made by trusted brands and Klarna’s global creator community.

Klarna’s AI-powered recommendation engine offers a personalized video experience, with content that aligns with customers’ unique interests. After its initial introduction in the US, local average viewer time has increased by 60% and click-through rates grew by 25%, fueling further growth and customer acquisition for retailers.

In addition, Klarna has also taken care of the shoppers who prefer brick-and-mortar shopping. The new barcode scanner provides valuable insights about the items you find in-store. For instance, upon scanning the barcode on a dress, the customer may find out whether there could be different colours or variations available online. They can also compare the prices online to find the best deal for the same item and even check customer reviews on the product.

Just like the internet gave everyone access to information, AI gives everyone access to intelligence, context and personalization. At Klarna we’re using this to bridge the gap between the physical and digital world, connecting how humans get inspired with how computers search. I’m super proud that Klarna is leading this revolution in retail.” 

Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO and Co-founder of Klarna

Klarna is one of the proactive e-commerce players that started embracing the power of AI in retail early, while the technology has not yet uncovered its full potential. Global retail giants like Amazon and Walmart are all experimenting with AI for both customer and back-end experiences.

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