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Klarna’s Internal AI Assistant Answers 2,000 Employee Questions Daily

The Swedish fintech company Klarna reported that its internal digital assistant, operating based on artificial intelligence, called Kiki, answers 2,000 questions from employees daily and has already generated information materials for more than 250,000 requests since June when the corresponding virtual product was launched.

Klarna's Internal AI Assistant Answers 2,000 Employee Questions Daily

The mentioned information is contained in the press release of the specified firm, which was published on Tuesday, May 14. Klarna CEO and co-founder Sebastian Siemiatkowski says the company is pushing everyone to test and explore. He also stated that as the firm continues to discover applications for OpenAI’s technologies that’s why is a potential to take the business to a new level.

The press release also notes that currently, 85% of Klarna employees use Kiki. An artificial intelligence-based digital assistant helps them manage internal knowledge and disseminate relevant data. Kiki generates answers to questions within 5 seconds. At the same time, this digital product helps the company’s employees solve problems on their own.

At Klarna communications unit, 93% of employees use generative artificial intelligence. The corresponding technology is applied to determine whether articles about a company are positive or negative. It is worth noting that this analysis is based on the paradigm of the impact of information materials on Klarna’s reputation. The press release notes that the relevant operation is carried out in a few seconds.

In the company’s legal team, 86% of employees use generative artificial intelligence. In this case, advanced technology is a tool for generating first drafts of common types of contracts. Generative AI has reduced the time required to produce a contract from an hour to 10 minutes.

Sebastian Siemiatkowski stated that the company aims to achieve a new level of employee empowerment and improve team performance and customer service quality.

OpenAI, which provided the large language models used to develop Kiki, said last month that the introduction of generative artificial intelligence by Klarna would increase its payment network’s profits by $40 million in 2024.

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