Meta, Google and Apple Expect to Win US Approval for Virtual Reality Devices

Technology giants Google, Apple, and Meta are currently very close to the moment of receiving approval from United States regulators for a permit that provides an opportunity to introduce a new set of virtual and augmented reality mobile devices, including in-car connections and safety glasses.

Meta, Google and Apple Expect to Win US Approval for Virtual Reality Devices

The mentioned gadgets have a very low level of energy consumption. These devices are expected to be able to tap radio waves used by Wi-Fi-enabled devices. This is reported in the proposal of the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Jessica Rosenworcel, published last Wednesday, September 27. The Commission is due to vote on the relevant issue on October 19. According to experts, this proposal is likely to be approved. Analysts, convinced of the correctness of the mentioned forecast, justify their point of view by the fact that Jessica Rosenworcel leads the democratic majority in the agency.

Connecting to the 6 GHz band will contribute to a new wave of innovations in devices that will be useful for consumers and will contribute to strengthening the leading role of the United States in the advanced wireless technology industry. This conclusion is contained in the proposal of Jessica Rosenworcel. Also, according to the head of the democratic majority in the mentioned agency, augmented and virtual reality devices are exciting ways. Probably, in this case, are referring to the ways of a special user experience of immersion in dimensions, which is an alternative form of reality compared to the configuration of actuality that is identified by the collective consciousness of humanity as authentic in the sense of natural primevalness.

The statement about strengthening the leadership of the United States in the technological environment by starting the process of public distribution of VR and AR devices is fair since no one can actually surpass the corresponding potential of this country on the world stage at the current historical moment. If the American authorities understand this, they will approve the introduction of a new set of mobile developments.

The FCC said that devices that operate on radio waves can create new ways of working, playing, and living in the United States. Separately, the agency noted that in this case, apps will appear that have the ability to provide large amounts of information in almost real-time.

Two years ago, Google, Meta, and Apple applied to the FCC with a request to grant them access to unlicensed spectrum. The tech giants stated that the adoption of this decision and its subsequent implementation in the practical plane is of critical importance for the introduction of future innovative solutions in the sphere of augmented and virtual reality.

Apple, Meta, and Google are working on augmented reality glasses that can use the 6 GHz band. This device can be connected, for example, to a smartphone. The technology giants claim that the application options of the developments, which are important from the point of view of consumer interest and user convenience, include the exchange of navigation information between mobile phones and vehicles.

In October, the FCC will also consider so-called net neutrality rules for broadband providers.

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