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Meta Launches Subscription Service on Games for Virtual Reality Headsets

Meta has announced the launch of a new game subscription service for virtual reality (VR) headsets.

Meta Launches Subscription Service on Games for Virtual Reality Headsets

On its Twitter page on Monday, June 26, the tech giant announced that the new Meta Quest+ service provides two manually selected titles per month.

After signing up for a subscription, the first month of its use will be $1. Then the cost will rise to $7.99 per month. If the consumer pays for a year in advance, the subscription will cost $59.99. The relevant information is available on the Meta Quest+ website.

A new service has been launched for Quest 2 and Pro. Shortly, access will be available for Quest 3, but the exact date has not yet been announced. This information was published on the Meta Channel broadcast channel on Instagram.

Users who subscribe will get access to two games every month. These games can be played online, via a headset, or the Meta Quest app.

In March, it was reported that since 2020, the technology giant has sold about 20 million Quest 2 headsets. The cost of one unit of this product is $ 400. This year, the company has reduced the price of the Quest Pro premium device, which has fallen by $500 and now costs $1,000. The technology giant’s decision to change the cost was made due to the low level of sales of this headset.

This year, the media reported on the negative result of Meta in terms of experience with virtual and augmented reality glasses.

The industry aimed at digitally reproducing an alternative version of being, according to many experts, has reached an intermediate peak point of development before the launch of Apple’s headset for mixed reality.

Tipatat Chennavasin, the co-founder of the venture reality foundation, said he expects a new App Store to appear in Apple’s headset, which, he believes, can become a next-generation ecosystem where millions of developers will present their offspring to billions of users. This application could become a kind of springboard for exploring the space of virtual existence.

The history of Apple’s presence in the world of mixed reality began on June 5. On this day, the Vision Pro headset was presented. This device will go on sale next year and will cost $3,500. The headset will give users access to 100 games.

Industry research suggests that currently in the United States, about 75% of young consumers play games on game consoles. Approximately 76% of representatives of the Zillennials generation and 71% of representatives of the millennials generation prefer these devices as tools for immersion in the world of digital reality.

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