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Metaprise Banking Adds B2B Payments for SME

Metaprise Banking has presented new offers on B2B payments for small and medium-sized businesses around the world.

Metaprise Banking Adds B2B Payments for SME


Based in New York, the fintech company provides freelancers, retailers, and other small and medium-sized businesses to receive payments by all available means, create online accounts and use payment links to make transactions. This information is contained in the Metaprise Banking press release.

The press release also says that over the years, technological solutions have been developed that simplify the process of doing business and provide customers with the opportunity to make payments without risking the security of credentials.

The fintech company provides users with the ability to send payments through an automated clearing house (ACH), wire, SWIFT, debit, and credit cards.

The firm also offers physical and virtual cards, cost management optimization, and integration of accounting software for automatic payment tracking and reconciliation.

The current external conditions are favorable for B2B platforms and allow them to grow. A positive influence factor is a demand for digitalization following the coronavirus pandemic. Also, a positive circumstance is the active introduction of mobile solutions in almost all sectors of the economy. Another favorable factor is the need for more active use of the software by an entrepreneur to increase the level of efficiency of activities in conditions of inflation.

Businesses are striving for a greater degree of interaction with the digital space. This desire is explained by the fact that advanced technology solutions allow you to fully control financial processes and manage them more effectively.

Digitalization is also a guarantee of ensuring an acceptable quality of projects and minimizes the risk of various kinds of errors.

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