Microsoft to Invest €4 Billion in France

Microsoft intends to invest €4 billion ($4.3 billion) to build cloud and artificial intelligence infrastructure in France.

Microsoft to Invest €4 Billion in France

The mentioned technology giant, which is based in Redmond, Washington, also announced plans to train one million people in Europe to use AI by 2027. Moreover, Microsoft intends to provide support to 2,500 startups operating in the artificial intelligence industry in the specified region over the next three years.

In February, the technology giant announced a partnership with Mistral AI, based in Paris. Microsoft, at that time, announced investments in this startup for €15 million. It is worth noting that Mistral AI is a competitor to OpenAI, which is also backed by the technology giant.

The Paris-based startup is developing algorithmic models that are used in chatbots and other artificial intelligence services. The AI models of this company are shared openly.

Microsoft President Brad Smith, during a conversation with French journalists, said that the company will build a data center in the city of Mulhouse, located in the Grand Est region.

It is worth noting that currently, the French leadership pays considerable attention to the development of the artificial intelligence industry in the country. This is a logical aspiration since AI is an advanced technology with significant potential, including the prospect of becoming the main driving force of global progress. In France, national foundations and local billionaires back Mistral AI and Kyutai, a non-profit organization that conducts research in the area of artificial intelligence.

The president of the mentioned country, Emmanuel Macron, is currently making efforts to gain foreign business. This activity is aimed at making France the financial hub of the European Union. At the same time, in this case, special attention is paid to the technology sector. Microsoft’s statement on investments worth €4 billion was made within the framework of the Choose France summit, initiated by Emmanuel Macron. The Elysee Palace said that during this event, a total of 56 projects in various spheres of activity will be announced.

On Monday, May 13, the media reported that within the framework of the mentioned summit, Paris has already managed to raise investments worth €15 billion. It is worth noting that France is currently facing problems in the public finance sector. It is also important that for Emmanuel Macron, the results of the summit will have a certain political significance since the latest results of public opinion polls in the country indicate that the level of his support is at a considerable distance from the maximum marks.

Raised by Paris investments are focused not only on the area of artificial intelligence. France has also managed to obtain financing for the pharmaceutical industry and the energy sector. Emmanuel Macron says that following the summit, the implementation of projects will be launched, within the framework of which 10,000 jobs will probably be created in the country.

It is also worth noting that Microsoft is currently intensifying its investment activities around the world. For example, in February, the technology giant announced investments worth €3.2 billion in Germany. Also in April, the company allocated $1.5 billion in financing for G42, which is based in Abu Dhabi and operates in the artificial intelligence area.

The technology giant pays special attention to Southeast Asia. Less than two weeks ago, Microsoft announced investments and projects in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. The company will open a data processing center in Thailand. The Prime Minister of the mentioned country, Srettha Thaivisin, said that the efforts of the technology giant correspond to the goal of this state to become the hub of the digital economy.

Microsoft will invest $1.7 billion in Indonesia. These funds will be used to build cloud infrastructure and artificial intelligence infrastructure in the mentioned country. The technology giant will invest $2.2 billion in Malaysia for the same purpose.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella expects artificial intelligence to bring $1 trillion in profits to the Southeast Asian economy. Also in this region, the technology giant intends to train 2.5 million people to use AI.

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