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Monetary Authority of Singapore Presents Initiatives for Digital Money

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has unveiled several initiatives that have been developed to ensure the achievement of such a goal as the safe and responsible use of digital money in this country.

Monetary Authority of Singapore Presents Initiatives for Digital Money

The mentioned organization last Thursday, November 16, published a press release, which contains information that the specified initiatives provide for the development of the infrastructure of the virtual Singapore dollar, the expansion of trial versions of digital means of payment, and the release of CBDC. The set of these proposals was called the plan Orchid.

MAS promotes three forms of digital money, including wholesale CBDC, tokenized bank liabilities, and regulated stablecoins. The press release of this organization indicates that the Orchid plan, published on Thursday, describes the technological infrastructure, the functioning of which will facilitate the process of making transactions using virtual currency for consumers. The initiatives proposed in this case define the main building blocks for the responsible circulation of digital money in Singapore.

One of the most important mentioned building blocks is the settlement ledger. In this case, it means a tool for fixing digital money transfers with functions such as atomic settlement with virtual tokens and built-in programmability. The second building block is the tokenization bridge, which connects existing account-based settlement systems with ledgers compatible with tokenized forms of digital money.

MAS initiatives also envisage the launch of a programmability protocol that will determine the conditions for using virtual means of payment. The naming service will convert wallet addresses into readable and meaningful alternative name identifiers for verification.

The press release also contains information that MAS will expand the testing of digital money in Project Orchid. Moreover, this organization plans to develop a CBDC for wholesale interbank settlements next year, which will mean the first so-called live issue of this category of currency.

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