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More Wall Street Giants Back Versana Syndicated Loan Platform

Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, US Bank, and Wells Fargo have become the latest representatives of the financial services industry to support the Versana syndicated lending platform.

More Wall Street Giants Back Versana Syndicated Loan Platform


These financial institutions have become participants in the process of raising capital in the amount of $ 40 million for the development of the lending platform.

Also, the founding investors of Bank of America, Citi, and JP Morgan joined the Versana financing round, which was conducted in order to ensure transparency, efficiency, and efficiency in the $5 trillion syndicated loans market.

Versana was launched at the end of last year. This platfo6rma is the first real-time multi-user solution on the market. Versana centralizes data on corporate loans that come directly from the books of administrative agents.

The platform, according to the statements of its creators, provides transparency of information about the level of credit and positions in the portfolio of such economic relations. Versana also facilitates end-to-end processing and creates the basis for scalable market growth in the long term by providing participants with the opportunity to switch to a self-service platform, abandoning the use of outdated manual processes.

New investors announced their intentions to provide the platform with information about loans and plans to become its regular customers.

Mike Weir, head of lending at Deutsche Bank in the USA, says that the innovative solution that Versana offers to financial services market participants is a product that can increase the speed of processes in the industry and stimulate its growth. He also stated that the financial institution joins the efforts of the platform to move the market forward.

Cynthia Sachs, CEO of Versana, said that after the appearance of four new investors, the platform expects that it will process more than 75% of transactions in the US credit market in real-time. The head of the company also noted that this indicator is a huge achievement for the firm, which was launched less than a year ago.

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