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Mumbai Launches Metaverse Initiative to Showcase Infrastructure Projects

The Mumbai Metropolis Metaverse platform allows all the local citizens and other interested people to explore both newly launched and upcoming infrastructure projects in 3D or virtual reality (VR).

Mumbai Launches Metaverse Initiative to Showcase Infrastructure Projects

The new Mumbai metaverse initiative was announced on Feb. 19 by Devendra Fadnavis, the deputy chief minister of Maharashtra. The official invited all those interested “to see how Mumbai is all set to transform within next few years” via a unique “once in a lifetime journey called ‘Transformation’!”

To avail the Mumbai’s metaverse app, one needs to register with a valid local phone number or e-mail ID. The platform is free to use, so right after logging in one can access vivid illustrations of various development initiatives in Mumbai and its adjacent cities.

Being a large urban centre and the financial capital of India, Mumbai has a lot of issues to tackle. Some of the main problems here are pollution, heavy traffic congestion, rainwater problems, and more.

Recently, the city inaugurated a partial stretch of new coastal roads built over the Arabian Sea to reduce traffic, improve connectivity and lower the environmental impact of the transport. In addition, Mumbai commissioned other innovative infrastructure projects, including underground and undersea tunnels for intracity travel.

With the help of the Mumbai Metropolis Metaverse app, the city authorities hope to share their urban planning vision with local citizens and potential users through an interactive experience. Moreover, citizens and tourists would be able to virtually monitor the progress of the new projects to discover the changes that have already occurred.

The new virtual experience is available via the official website or mobile apps on the Google and Apple app stores.

Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra, is known not only as the state capital but also as the financial capital of India. Maharashtra, located on the western coast of India, is the third largest state in the country by land area. The state is known for its diverse culture and beautiful landscapes and is home to many successful companies.

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