Netflix Tests Its Games on TVs and Computers

Netflix on Monday, August 14, announced the start of testing its video games on more devices, including televisions and computers, in addition to smartphones on which games are already running.

Netflix Tests Its Games on TVs and Computers

The testing process will be limited from a geographical point of view. This process was launched only in Canada and the UK. The company also conducts testing with the participation of a limited number of subscribers who will have the opportunity to play games on television. This program will be expanded in the coming weeks. This means that it will be possible to test games on a PC using via supported browsers.

At the initial stage of the testing program, two games will be available, including Oxenfree from the Night School studio, which became part of the streaming service’s ownership structure two years ago, and Molehew’s Mining.

On the TVs, users will be able to play games on some devices from Netflix partners, including Amazon Fire TV streaming media players, Chromecast with Google TV, LG TVs, Nvidia Shield TV, Roku TVs, Samsung Smart TV, and Walmart ONN.

The testing program does not apply to Apple TV. This is because the technology giant has its gaming strategy based on television. In this case, applications from the App Store are used.

Netflix said that the testing program will eventually spread to more devices. At the same time, the company does not specify which devices are meant in this case.

The news about the testing program implemented by the streaming service appeared after applications for the iPhone game controller were launched last week. Apple’s solutions allow you to play games on TV. Their launch involves testing soon.

Netflix also announced the official presentation of the controller, which, according to preliminary information, scans the QR code displayed in the company’s application on the TV to connect to the game. Users will be able to play games on a PC using a keyboard and mouse.

In the beta version of its application, Netflix intends to test the technology of streaming games and the controller. The company also plans to improve the user experience.

Mike Verdu, vice president of Netflix Games, published a message on the company’s blog in which he stated that expanding access to games on more devices makes this digital product easier for users around the world. He also noted that the firm, as a supplier of games, is at the initial stage of the relevant activity. Mike Verdu stated that the company is looking forward to feedback from beta testers and will share these comments as we move forward with game-related projects.

Last fall, the streaming service announced plans to expand the scope of cloud gaming. At the same time, the media published information that the company intends to open a new game studio in Southern California, which will be headed by Chacko Sonny, a former executive producer of Overwatch at Blizzard Entertainment.

Netflix, at the same time, has no ambitions to compete in a space where PlayStation on Xbox is present. Mike Verdu says that the streaming service has a completely different business strategy and expects that at some point its offer will become a natural way to play games, regardless of the user’s location.

Netflix is planning to launch 40 games this year. Also, another 70 games are currently under development, which is being handled by the partners of the streaming service.

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