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Open AI Receives Warning From Japanese Privacy Watchdog

The Japanese privacy protection service on Friday, June 2, announced that it had sent a warning to the OpenAI startup, which received investments from Microsoft and developed a popular chatbot based on artificial intelligence ChatGPT, about the inadmissibility of using the practice of collecting personal information without obtaining prior permission to perform these actions from users.

Open AI Receives Warning From Japanese Privacy Watchdog

The Japanese regulator said that OpenAI should minimize the amount of personal data it collects for later use in AI training. This requirement is contained in the text of the statement of the Commission for the Protection of Personal Information, which is responsible for the safety of the data of Japanese residents. The regulator also separately noted that it allows certain measures to influence the startup’s activities on its part if additional concerns arise related to the practice of using confidential information.

Currently, in many countries of the world, control and supervision authorities are trying to create a set of rules that will regulate the process of applying technologies based on generative artificial intelligence. The capabilities of advanced technology allow you to create text materials and images. According to experts, the degree of influence of AI on the life of human civilization in terms of the effect of transformation of the usual technological way is comparable with the advent of the Internet.

Japan is currently not at the forefront of groundbreaking technologies, but at the same time, the expert community is convinced that this country has the motivation to move forward in the development of artificial intelligence and robotics to maintain a high level of productivity against the background of population decline.

The Japanese supervisory authority stated the need to strike a balance between the risks associated with people’s confidential information and the potential benefits of generative artificial intelligence. Separately, the regulator noted that AI can be useful in solving the problem of climate change and accelerating innovation.

According to the information of the analytical company Similarweb, Japan is the third largest source of traffic to the OpenAI website.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman met with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida in April intending to expand in this country ahead of the G7 leaders’ summit, during which Kishida led a discussion on the regulation of artificial intelligence.

The EU has created a task force on ChatGPT and is currently actively working on the creation of rules for regulating the field of AI.

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