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OpenAI CEO Calls For Global Cooperation to Regulate AI

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, during a visit to South Korea on Friday, June 9, called for coordinated international regulation of the process of development and dissemination of generative artificial intelligence.

OpenAI CEO Calls For Global Cooperation to Regulate AI

Sam Altman at an event in Seoul on the eve of a meeting with South Korean President Yun Suk Yeol, said that special attention to the regulation of the AI industry is necessary reason that the relevant technological systems are becoming more powerful, and in this regard, the potential for their global impact on the space of human existence is growing.

The head of OpenAI says that control over artificial intelligence should become the same global priority as preventing the risk of nuclear war or a large-scale fight against epidemics since in this case we are talking about a radical impact on human civilization, which can call into question the continuation of being, and in the case of a negative scenario, go over an irreversible tragic line. Sam Altman argues that in this context, it is not humanity’s ability to adapt to new challenges that are more important, but the speed of the AI development process, which can be very high.

In Seoul, the head of the company that created the most popular chatbot with artificial intelligence said that the experience of technological revolutions indicates that adaptation to almost any changes in the labor market takes about two generations. At the same time, he noted that if the influence of AI fundamentally changes the structure of this market in 10 years, it will become a challenge that humanity has not yet faced.

Yun Suk Yeol said on Friday that it is necessary to create an international system of standards to prevent side effects associated with platforms such as ChatGPT, and stated to act in this direction with a sense of speed.

The control of the AI industry is an urgent international issue that is becoming more acute every day. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that last month, American senior officials and their European counterparts discussed the supervision of artificial intelligence during a meeting and promised to contribute to the development of voluntary codes of conduct.

In China, the authorities are also interested in regulating the AI industry. According to Elon Musk, the leadership of the country initiates the introduction of control measures in this area.

ChatGPT, which is multifunctional and can not only answer questions but also write essays, has already launched the process of rethinking the format of human labor activity. Many companies have thought about this question.

Economists warn that the development and spread of artificial intelligence will provoke large-scale changes in the labor market. Goldman Sachs’ forecast predicts that up to 300 million full-time workers around the world will somehow be automated using AI.

The April report of the World Economic Forum contains a forecast that over the next five years, about 14 million jobs may disappear under the influence of artificial intelligence.

Sam Altman says that changes in the labor market will provoke not a situation of lack of work, but the emergence of new types of it.

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