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Finance & Economics

Alibaba starts cooperating with influencers to boost its brands

Mega-popular influencers have a significant branding power on the Chinese market

Science & Technology

Large internet group increases investments in South Africa

Naspers expressed the commitment to invest in South African tech founders and entrepreneurs

Finance & Economics opens its largest offline shop

A store offers a variety of products which clients can test and then make the online purchase

Science & Technology

Telcos use blockchain to get new revenue sources

Blockchain revolutionary technology manages to reshape operational and business models of many industries

Finance & Economics

Deutsche Bank integrates popular messenger

WeChat will be integrated with Symphony platform to allow a real-time communication

Fintech & Ecommerce

China launches a new fintech certification system

The new system aims to bring a lot of improvements into the fintech field

Science & Technology

Google launched a new startup program

This would boost sustainability products development

Blockchain & Crypto

Blockchain B2B transactions to exceed $4 trillion

Blockchain B2B transaction value to reach an estimated $4.4 trillion by 2024

Science & Technology

Huawei invests millions into European AI development

The company claims to invest €100 million into the program in the next 5 years

Science & Technology announces a new smart technology platform 

An Open Platform for Digital Supply Chain provides services for running a better business

Science & Technology

Tech giants joined forces to accelerate renewable energy development

The whole project is expected to run in 2021

Fintech & Ecommerce

Global payment industry leaders invest in fintech platform

Pollinate has launched a consortium of global industry leaders

Finance & Economics

Walmart revealed how much money its solution saved consumers 

Walmart will soon provide more payout methods for its customers

Fintech & Ecommerce

Tourists in China can now use Alipay

For the first, time Ant Financial makes Alipay accessible for international tourists

Science & Technology

Facebook changes its logo: here’s how it looks now

The company says its branding update will help to distinguish the corporate parent from its apps 

Science & Technology

Premium smartphones are leading the US market

Since Q3 2017 the number of the premium tier smartphone models has almost doubled