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Plaid Launches Portal to Ease Access to Cybersecurity-Related Information

Plaid simplifies access to information that is requested during a cybersecurity check.

Plaid Launches Portal to Ease Access to Cybersecurity-Related Information


The company has launched a public portal called Security Portal, which existing and potential customers and partners can use to access the information they need when making decisions during purchases and in other situations.

Plaid currently serves more than 8 thousand customers and has more than 12 thousand data processing partners to actively promote the implementation of innovative solutions in the fintech ecosystem.

The security portal combines in one place information about how the company is checked by third-party organizations, and about the investments that the firm directs to the development of its security system. The portal will regularly publish audit reports, certifications, and other information. Customers and partners can subscribe to this online platform to receive notifications about updates in real-time.

The portal also provides an opportunity to request access to private security materials that contain more confidential information.

The concept of the security portal is a practical embodiment of the idea of ensuring a smooth procurement process while meeting the high expectations of customers and partners.

Fraudulent attacks that target financial institutions represent an expanding and intensifying threat. Criminals use flaws in the security systems of banks and other organizations working in the financial sector to achieve their goals. Last year, more than half of American financial institutions reported an increase in fraudulent activity.

The launch of the security portal took place about a week after it announced the start of cooperation with Okta to help banks offer open finance more securely. As part of the partnership, the Plaid data network will be combined, which connects financial accounts with applications and services, with Okta identification solutions.

As we have reported earlier, Plaid Rolls Out Identity and KYC Integration in Canada.


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