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Samsung Shares AI for All Vision, Upgrades Smart Homes With Maps, AI Avatars and Ballie Robot

Samsung Electronics unveiled its vision of “AI for All” along with the new upgrades for its smart home ecosystem: interactive maps, AI avatars and companion robot Ballie.

Samsung Shares AI for All Vision, Upgrades Smart Homes With Maps, AI Avatars and Ballie Robot


Samsung Electronics held a press conference at CES 2024, unveiling both the innovative developments of its smart home devices and the company’s overall vision, “AI for All: Connectivity in the Age of AI.”

The company aims to use the artificial intelligence (AI) technology to create more personalized, intuitive user experience, as well as hyper-connectivity between Samsung’s IoT smart devices.

Interactive Maps

As for the notable updates, Samsung launched a new interactive “map view” for the SmartThings app, enabling customers to track and control the location, battery state and operation status of any smart home devices (e.g. washing machines, refrigerators, robotic vacuum cleaners, etc.).

The maps will be displayed on supported Samsung TVs, the screen of the Samsung Family Hub smart fridge and Samsung’s M8 monitors.

The house maps can be created manually or automatically in the SmartThings app, with the help of a photo of an existing floor plan or with a lidar-enabled Samsung device, like the company’s new JetBot robot vacuum. Another device that will soon capture the details of the building’s floor plans is the upcoming Ballie robot.

Ballie Home Robot

Ballie is a spherical home robot first introduced at CES 2020. This year, the robot has got a few significant AI upgrades. Ballie’s new perks include a spatial lidar sensor to navigate rooms and avoid obstacles, as well as a 1080p projector with two lenses needed to project movies and video calls or act as a second PC monitor.

Per the company’s announcement, the robot can automatically adjust the picture based on the wall distance and lighting conditions. Moreover, it automatically detects people’s posture and facial angle to adjust the optimal individual projection angle.

The updated robot helper can not only automatically turn on smart lights but, thanks to a built-in infrared transmitter, also turn on “non-smart” devices like air conditioners and older TVs. With its built-in front and rear cameras, Ballie can detect and analyze its surroundings and learn recurring user patterns.

These features can be used in many cases such as automatic reminders to water plants, sending alerts to users
in the event of an emergency, providing access to remote medical services and other personalized services depending on which household member robot distinguishes nearby.

Ballie can be controlled with voice commands or text messages. In the latter case, Samsung will employ an AI chatbot to confirm requests before Ballie takes action.

AI and Avatars

Besides smart home devices, interactive SmartThings maps will show “AI characters” that stand in for family members and pets inside the home. These virtual characters will “respond” to real-time conditions, for example appearing to sweat or freeze if the house temperature gets too warm or too cold.

Samsung’s 2024 Bespoke lineup offers more personalized services due to an enhanced Al chipset. Thus, the Bespoke JetBot Combo vacuum and mop robot cleaner leverages AI-enabled floor and object recognition capabilities to better perform its functions, while the personalized, Al-powered meal-planning and recipe platform Samsung Food will customise your menu based on your individual preferences and the products you have on hand.

The new series of Samsung’s laptops – Galaxy Book 4 – has also received a new AI chipset and improved connectivity due to its partnership with Microsoft.

Among the laptop’s new functions, there are:

  • Microsoft Copilot that offers seamless multi-device connectivity and uses Al to summarize and send messages to and from the Galaxy Book4; and
  • Smartphone camera connection to PC webcam which applies Al camera filters to participate in video conferences in high-resolution.

Samsung claims that its smart home Al technologies will help users conserve energy. In addition, the company incorporates recycled materials into its products, in a bid to boost sustainability efforts.

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