The first biometric debit card launched in Poland

Polish Bank Pocztowy now offers its customers to apply for a biometric debit card that allows them to authenticate contactless payments using their fingerprints

biometric card Poland

The first biometric debit card launched in Poland. Source:

Bank Pocztowy is the first in Poland to offer such an innovation. It began piloting a biometric payment card in December 2021. For now, the biometric card will come in a limited edition. It enables users to save “a two-finger biometric pattern” using a reader supplied by the bank, increase or lower the payment limit on the card and set their own PIN.

In other respects, this biometric card doesn’t differ from an ordinary payment card. It performs all the traditional and digital functions of a debit card. Besides, it would allow customers to biometrically authenticate each transaction. Therefore, the payment tool is fully personalised. 

Meanwhile, it also maintains the highest security standards of Bank Pocztowy. Since the biometric fingerprint template is saved and secured on the payment card itself, your sensitive data is not stored in the reader or in the bank’s systems. Neither does it get sent via payment systems.


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