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Twitter Announces New API

Twitter has announced new API pricing structures.

Twitter Announces New API

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The social network reported three price levels. The free barebone level is designed for bots that publish various materials. The basic level provides for a monthly payment of $ 100. Also, the social network offers an expensive corporate level, the fee for which are 42 thousand dollars per month.

The company announced that free access to the Ads API is provided for subscribers to any of the levels. Over the next 30 days, Twitter will refuse to use the old access levels, including standard (for v1.1), basic and advanced (for v2), and Premium.

The story with the Twitter API that attracted attention began in February. Then the company announced the completion of the practice of free access to the API just a few days before the implementation of this solution. In response to this, social networks received a lot of negative criticism. Against the background of mass discontent, Elon Musk said that free access will be maintained for bots that post good content, without specifying the criteria for evaluating the quality of published materials. Later it became known about the basic level of $ 100 per month.

The free tier provides 1,500 publication requests per month along with access to Twitter login. The basic level, which is intended, as stated in the company, for amateurs and students, provides 50 thousand publication requests and 10 thousand reading requests for each application per month. Developers who need access to more data will have to apply for corporate access.

After the v2 version appeared in 2020, Twitter offered the Essential and Elevated levels, which could provide access to 500 thousand-2 million tweets per month. The new decisions of the management of the social network provider that the creators of applications must subscribe to corporate access. Some developers who have already subscribed to the new basic level have reached the limit of possibilities within this format of using Twitter in the shortest possible time.

Many researchers and representatives of the scientific community stated that this decision of the social network is an obstacle to the implementation of student projects and may negatively affect the transparency of the platform.

Twitter reports that work is currently underway to find new ways to serve the academic community, but there is no information about potential solutions in this matter. Free and basic levels have no particular value for academics. Corporate access may be too expensive for representatives of this community.

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