Ukraine under missile attacks: breaking news

“We have woken up from explosions and air raid sirens, each in our own city. We’ll remember this morning forever”. Here’s the chronicle of the events in Ukraine on Friday, Oct.10



Practically on all the territory of Ukraine, the missile alert continues since early morning. So does the massive attack of Russian missiles across the Ukrainian regions. What do we know at the moment?

What happened?

In the early hours of Oct.10, Russian troops conducted a large-scale missile attack on the territory of Ukraine.

According to the Centre of Strategic Communications and Information Security, we already know of the following devastations:

  • Kharkiv – three missile attacks registered. Some city areas are left without electricity and water supply
  • Konotop – explosions heard
  • Poltava region – absence of electricity and water after the explosions
  • Kryvyy Rig – air-defence is working
  • Kyiv – in the capital of Ukraine, 8 people died and 24 were wounded due to the missile attack in the centre of the city. A few missiles damaged the objects of critical infrastructure. One of them landed near the central railway station.
  • Kyiv region – air-defence is working
  • Lviv – attacks on the energy objects
  • Ivano-Frankivsk region – explosion registered
  • Mykolayiv region – air defence is working
  • Cherkasy region – the possibility of short-term issues in energy provision
  • Khmelnytskyy region – air defence is working, infrastructure objects are affected by attacks

The authorities advise all citizens to stay in shelters until the end of the missile alert. 


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