Walmart Debuts Website and App Redesign for Optimized Omnichannel Experiences

Walmart has presented a new version of its mobile app and an updated website.

Walmart Debuts Website and App Redesign for Optimized Omnichannel Experiences


These updates are due to the company’s desire to attract new customers and increase the level of activity of existing users of the application and website. Currently, the number of purchases on the firm’s platforms shows a tendency to decrease. Walmart is trying to fix the situation. The company expects that consumer activity will increase against the background of seasonal sales growth and the attractiveness of social networks.

Tom Ward, executive vice president, and chief e-commerce specialist at Walmart in the USA, wrote in his blog last Monday, April 3, that the retailer is launching a completely redesigned web page that is customer-oriented and represents a carefully selected virtual showcase. The same concept of consumer orientation formed the basis for updating the company’s mobile application.

The retailer adheres to the position that the customer should easily find what he needs and have the desire to buy more products from the hundreds of millions available in the assortment.

Tom Ward says that the product-oriented interface attracts the buyer to a greater extent. New images and videos have been added to the website and mobile app. This solution provides a more dynamic view of online customer service.

Walmart’s chief e-commerce specialist in the USA notes that the new experience is useful not only for buyers but also for suppliers and sellers who use the retailer’s platforms to showcase their products. Tom Ward drew attention to the fact that merchants can tell customers stories that will provide a complete picture of the product. He stressed that Walmart provides resources, tools, and products that will help develop a community of sellers and suppliers and inspire buyers to make online purchases.

Updating the application and the web page with an emphasis on the transformation of the design concept corresponds to the retailer’s desire to ensure a high level of focus on all sales channels.

Walmart President and CEO Doug McMillon announced during the February earnings report for the fourth quarter of 2022 that the company intends to create a seamless multi-channel service for customers. He also noted that the main priority is convenience. Separately, Doug McMillon said that the company’s stores have become hybrid.

Julia Unger, vice president of Omni Services and Capabilities at Walmart in the USA, said that the retailer is focused on creating seamless, personalized purchases that combine digital capabilities and in-store capabilities, seeing this as an opportunity to protect itself from a slowdown in growth in 2023.

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