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Wearable AI Virtual Assistant Launches With Microsoft, OpenAI Backing

The AI Pin device from the Humane startup is equipped with technology from OpenAI and cloud computing capabilities by Microsoft.

Wearable AI Virtual Assistant Launches With Microsoft, OpenAI Backing

The artificial intelligence (AI) startup Humane on Nov. 9 released a physical device resembling a lapel pin that serves as a wearable AI virtual assistant.

The innovative device can be worn on top of one’s clothing and activated by a single tap. According to the press release, the AI Pin has an intuitive touchpad and “the pioneering Laser Ink Display projected onto your palm.” Without a screen, the pin is not noticeable and doesn’t attract public attention.

The firm advertises plenty of exciting capabilities for its new product. For example, it can craft messages in your tone of voice, sort through the noise of your inbox, capture and recall important memories, interpret foreign languages, help you keep up with your nutrition goals by identifying food via computer vision, and more.

AI Pin consists of two pieces: the main computer and a battery booster. They are connected magnetically and power wirelessly through clothing and apparel. The device functions standalone and does not need to be paired with a smartphone.

As for the tech characteristics, the device is equipped with an ultra-wide RGB camera, depth sensor and motion sensors, as well as wireless service through its own mobile virtual network operator connected by T-Mobile.

Through exclusive partnerships with OpenAI and Microsoft, AI Pin also gets cloud computing capabilities and access to “the world’s most powerful AI models.” Per the startup, this collaboration enables the future expansion of AI Pin capabilities and functions.

The sales of an innovative virtual assistant start in the US on November 16th. Its initial price is $699 for the complete system, which includes the device itself, two battery boosters, a charging pad, a charging case, a cable and an adapter.

For an additional $24 per month, the buyers receive a Humane Subscription which includes a dedicated cell phone number for AI Pin, unlimited talk, text, and data capabilities, cloud storage and full access to Humane’s suite of AI-powered services.

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