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Zenus Bank Launches Visa Infinite Debit Card in 46 Countries

Zenus Bank announced the launch of the Visa Infinite debit card.

Zenus Bank Launches Visa Infinite Debit Card in 46 Countries


The company’s press release published on the occasion of the launch of the card states that Visa Infinite provides the highest level of Visa benefits and purchase protection.

This card is usually issued as a credit card, but for Zenus Bank customers it has become a debit card. This solution allows you to make bank accounts registered with US financial institutions available internationally to citizens and residents of other countries.

The founder and chairman of the Board of Zenus Bank, Mushega Tovmasyan, said that with the help of a debit card, the bank’s customers can make purchases in more than 80 million outlets in 200 countries. He also noted that consumers can be confident in the security of transactions and have the opportunity to take advantage of unique advantages.

Visa and Zenus Bank are aimed at further expanding the scale of cooperation. The companies are also interested in attracting new partners to implement joint projects. One of the main goals of cooperation between firms is to intensify the process of introducing digital technologies in Latin American countries.

Digitalization of the financial industry in Central America and the Caribbean is a promising area of activity since these regions have the potential for development in terms of prospects for the introduction of innovative solutions. For example, in 2021, in countries located in the corresponding geographical area, following the results of the holiday season, the number of digital transactions increased by 55% compared to the figure recorded a year earlier.

For the successful implementation of initiatives related to the introduction of digital technologies in Latin America, it is necessary to raise the awareness of residents about the advantages of innovative financial operations tools in advance.

The Latin American market of small and medium-sized businesses and professionals offering digital services demonstrates steady and rapid growth.

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