Zoom Announces Anthropic Partnership

Zoom announced the beginning of cooperation with Anthropic in order to introduce the Claude chatbot on Zoom platforms.

Zoom Announces Anthropic Partnership


In March, Zoom announced the establishment of a partnership with OpenAI. Currently, the company is actively looking for ways to integrate as many generative artificial intelligence functions as possible into the firm’s family of products.

As part of the collaboration with Anthropic, the company plans to start by integrating the Claude chatbot into the software of its contact center due to its traditional approach to AI and the ability to follow the rules very precisely.

Smita Hashim joined Zoom as a product director three months ago. She stated that the landscape of generative artificial intelligence is changing very quickly, which is why the company decided to follow the concept of an open approach that allows connecting various AI models against the background of a high rate of transformation of the industry.

Of particular importance when communicating with customers with artificial intelligence is the correctness of responses to requests. AI can be in a state similar to hallucinations when it comes up with fake information as a response to a question without having the necessary data. With the help of Anthropic constitutional artificial intelligence, it is possible to implement an approach based on more stringent in terms of compliance with the reliability requirements of modules. Exactly from this Zoom plans to start interacting with a new partner. Gradually, the company will bring some of the new functionality to the market.

Zoom will explore the possibilities of the Anthropic product in the course of its practical application and gradually expand the scale of use of technological models.

Hashim stated that partnerships are a starting point for Zoom, but did not specify the beginning of what kind of activity is meant in this case. The company will continue to explore new open-source artificial intelligence models.

The venture division of Zoom Ventures has invested in the development of Anthropic. There is no information about the amount of these financial investments. Zoom wants to contribute to the development of artificial intelligence and is interested in investing in technologies that it plans to use. In the context of its partnership global strategy, the company considers cooperation with the creators of large language models as a priority. In this concept, the firm sees an opportunity to match the rapid development of advanced technologies.

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