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Finance & Economics

Report Reveals Banking Trends to Watch in 2023

Insider Intelligence highlighted four main banking trends that will emerge in 2023 to help customers weather the economic storms


US Credit Card Transaction Volume Hit $3.09T in 2022: Insider Intelligence

Insider Intelligence forecasts US credit card transaction volume to hit $3.089 trillion in 2022, shaped by a few dominant trends

Finance & Economics

The Reason for Record Wage Raises Revealed

Wages for many US employees were up between 5.5% – 7.7% in November – the highest increase in 25 years of record-keeping

Blockchain & Crypto

China has 1,400 Firms Operating in Blockchain Industry

China and US accumulatively represent a 52% global market share in terms of blockchain enterprises: more than 1,400 blockchain firms are currently based in mainland China

Fintech & Ecommerce

Insurtech Market Size to Reach $166.4 Billion by 2030

The insurtech market is projected to grow at 39.1% CAGR between 2022-2030, improving underwriting accuracy and loss prediction


Credit Unions Have Most Favourable Interest Rates for Auto Loans

Credit unions charged an average interest rate of 5.94% for used car sales in the third quarter, which is well below the bank’s auto loans interest of 8.36%


Bitcoin Hodlers Have Record 8M BTC in Unrealised Loss

The amount of Bitcoin held in self-custody continues to increase, hitting record levels. Both short-term and long-term hodlers are holding on more unrealised losses than ever registered in the crypto history

Blockchain & Crypto

North Korean Hackers Steal NFT with Hundreds of Phishing Domains

NFT investors should beware. Hackers linked to North Korea’s Lazarus Group are conducting a massive phishing campaign, impersonating NFT marketplaces, NFT projects and even a DeFi platform

Blockchain & Crypto

KYC Procedures Protected Customers from North Korean Hacking Attacks

South Korean intelligence officers claim that out of $620 million in crypto stolen by North Korean hacking groups this year, none affected South Korean users, thanks to the enhanced KYC policies


Global Payment Instruments Market to Reach $365B by 2030

The payment instruments growth will be fuelled by the growing use of smartphones and increasing expectations for secure and fast payments


Godfather Android Trojan Doesn’t Target Russians

The Godfather, an Android banking Trojan that has targeted the users of more than 400 apps across the globe, has functionality that stops it from attacking users who speak Russian

Science & Technology

Global Blockchain Market in Supply Chain Industry to Surge by 2027

The report on the blockchain market in the supply chain industry revealed that the market is expected to grow by $4936.05 million during 2023-2027, accelerating at a CAGR of 52.21%

Finance & Economics

CFOs Today Hold More Decision-Making Power than Previous Generations

Accenture has published a report on the role CFOs play in the accelerated digital transformation process, revealing the issue of the “paradox of choice,” increasingly putting executives under pressure


Cybercriminals Will Look Away from BTC: Kaspersky

Although crypto-related cybercrime won’t slow down in 2023, crooks will look for alternatives to Bitcoin as a source of payment, as regulation and tracking improves

Blockchain & Crypto

New Crypto Scam Tactic Revealed by CertiK

Crypto scammers are increasingly paying for black market identities to avoid detection, according to the blockchain security firm CertiK

Finance & Economics

IMF Chief Warns Fragmentation Will Hurt Global Economy

The IMF has cut 2023 forecasts and warned that possible fragmentation would damage growth both domestically and internationally