Mastercard Unveils Gen-AI Assistant Shopping Muse

Advanced generative AI tool by Mastercard reimagines the search and discovery of products in retailers’ digital catalogues.

Science & Technology

China’s AI Chipmaker Biren Wins Secures Pledge of $280 Million

The Chinese company Shanghai Biren Intelligent Technology Co., which specializes in manufacturing activities for making chips for use in artificial intelligence systems, received financial funds for 2 billion yuan ($280 million) as collateral from investors.


Nvidia CEO Says About Prospects of AI Competitiveness

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang last Wednesday, November 29, during a speech at the annual DealBook summit in New York, said that artificial intelligence is gaining on humans.

Science & Technology

Amazon Presents AI-Powered Image Generator

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has presented its new development based on artificial intelligence, which is capable of generating images.


Amazon Announces AI Chatbot for Businesses

Amazon last Tuesday, November 28, announced a new chatbot called Q, which consumers will be able to use at work.


AWS and Nvidia to Deliver Generative AI Infrastructure

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Nvidia have announced the expansion of cooperation to provide consumers with advanced infrastructure, software, and services for innovation in the sphere of artificial intelligence.


Google’s AI Chatbot Answers Questions About YouTube Videos

Google has announced that its artificial intelligence-based chatbot called Bard can now answer users’ questions about videos posted on YouTube.


Bill Gates Says About AI Impact on Number of Working Days

Billionaire Bill Gates during a conversation with actor and comedian Trevor Noah as part of the podcast What Now? shared his thoughts on the potential options for the influence of artificial intelligence on human life.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Majority of UK Banks Test GenAI

Currently, according to UK Finance survey, in the United Kingdom, many local companies and organizations that operate in the sphere of financial services are using generative artificial intelligence technologies and tools in a test mode.


Climate Alpha Raises Seed Funding to Help Real Estate Sector Analyze Climate Change Impact

Singaporean startup Climate Alpha uses AI to enable real estate owners and investors to analyze the impact of climate change on their portfolios.

Science & Technology

AI Startup Cohere CEO Criticizes Movement for Self-Righteousness

Aidan Gomez, CEO of the startup Cohere, which operates in the sphere of artificial intelligence, in his letter addressed to the employees of this company, in negative terms criticized the movement for effective altruism.


OpenAI Drama Ends With Sam Altman Comeback as CEO

After a turbulent week of tough leadership change decisions, OpenAI has reached an agreement with Sam Altman to come back as CEO under a new managing board.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Mastercard to Use AI for Crypto Fraud Monitoring

Mastercard has partnered with the Feedzai technology platform to improve the monitoring and blocking of fraud activities across transactions from over 6,000 crypto exchanges with the help of AI.


DFINITY & SingularityNET Join Efforts to Bring AI to dApps

The partnership between DFINITY and SingularityNET will integrate the Internet Computer blockchain with SingularityNET marketplace to advance decentralised AI infrastructure and bring AI-based services to dApps


How Banks and Fintechs Can Reduce Loan Defaults

Default loans are a nightmare for every lender, but banks and fintechs can apply a few simple strategies to reduce missing payments once and for all.

Science & Technology

Germany, France and Italy Agree on AI Regulations

The media reported that three EU countries, including Italy, Germany, and France, have reached an agreement on issues that form the basis of the content of the concept of the regulation of artificial intelligence.

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