Dutch Watchdog Wants to Know How ChatGPT Handles Personal Data

The Dutch privacy regulator has sent a letter to the creators of ChatGPT OpenAI, which contains a request to clarify the algorithm for processing confidential user information.

Finance & Economics

Lucinity Incorporates Generative AI Into Financial Crime Compliance Tool

Lucinity has launched a generative AI-powered tool for financial crime compliance teams


OpenAI Launches Cybersecurity Grant Program

The goal of the new OpenAI program is to facilitate the development of AI-powered cybersecurity capabilities for defenders through grants and other support


Startup Instabase Notches $2 Billion Valuation

Business services startup Instabase announced the attraction of investment funds in the amount of $45 million following the results of the next round of financing.


IQ Capital Raises $400 Million for Deep Tech AI Firms

Venture capital company IQ Capital announced the attraction of investment funds for $400 million to provide financial support to startups that operate in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Walmart Looks to Generative AI as Grocers Tap Self-Service

At a time when grocers are coming up with the most effective results of using a self-service strategy while simultaneously eliminating the shortcomings of this format, Walmart is actively paying attention to artificial intelligence to make its digital tools smarter and increase their effectiveness.

Science & Technology

Open AI Receives Warning From Japanese Privacy Watchdog

The Japanese privacy protection service on Friday, June 2, announced that it had sent a warning to the OpenAI startup, which received investments from Microsoft and developed a popular chatbot based on artificial intelligence ChatGPT, about the inadmissibility of using the practice of collecting personal information without obtaining prior permission to perform these actions from […]

Science & Technology

Goldman Analysts Say AI Stock Winners Outperform in Credit Too

Strategists at Goldman Sachs Group said that companies that specialize in the development and extension of technologies based on artificial intelligence, in terms of the value of shares and the dynamics of their growth, outperformed competitors working in the field of lending, although in this case there is no catastrophic gap between the indicators of […]

Science & Technology

Experts Say ChatGPT to Fuel $1.3 Trillion AI Market by 2032

The release of generative artificial intelligence systems that are focused on solving problems, and satisfying various groups of consumer needs, for example, ChatGPT from OpenAI and Bard from Google will ensure a high level of development of the generative AI market over the next decade and will bring its financial volume to $1.3 trillion by […]

Science & Technology

Kasisto Introduces Banking-Specific LLM KAI-GPT

The KAI-GPT large language model (LLM) is designed to address the banking industry’s unique needs for accuracy, transparency, trustworthiness and customization

Fintech & Ecommerce

MAS and Google Cloud Collaborate on Generative AI

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) established a partnership with Google Cloud to explore potential formats for the use of generative artificial intelligence.


HSBC Launches ESG Index

HSBC has launched a global index that uses artificial intelligence to assess the improvement of the company’s ESG indicators and their potential in terms of the possibility of influencing the growth of financial dynamics.


Baidu Creates $140 Million Fund to Back ChatGPT-Like Startups

Baidu Inc. has created something like a fund to finance Chinese startups that specialize in research in the field of generative artificial intelligence.


WPP Partners With Nvidia to Accelerate Production of Advertising Content

WPP has established a partnership with Nvidia.


Amex to Use AI to Improve Customer Experience

After numerous experiments, American Express (Amex) aims to utilize AI technology for approving credit lines as well as providing predictive analytics

Science & Technology

CFPB Begins to Muscle Up AI Regulations

The American consumer protection service joins a group of organizations that are strengthening their protection tools through the use of artificial intelligence.

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