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Apple’s Taiwan Suppliers Report Decline in August

Apple’s main suppliers in Taiwan in August faced another decline in sales figures, which turned out to be double-digit.


Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Deliveries Delays to November

The initial delivery dates of the new iPhone 15 Pro, which was presented by Apple this week, were quickly slip well to November.


US Characterizes China’s Apple iPhone Ban as Retaliation

The White House is of the opinion that China’s decision to impose a government ban on the use of iPhone smartphones in certain consumer environments is an attempt in a practical plane to respond to the United States to their measures against Beijing.

Science & Technology

France Suspends iPhone 12 Sales

In France, local authorities have ordered Apple to stop the process of selling smartphones of the iPhone 12 model.

Science & Technology

China Flags Security Problems With iPhones

China reported the presence of security problems during the use of smartphones of the iPhone line but noted that this circumstance is not a reason to impose a ban on the purchase of the corresponding devices by the American technology giant.

Science & Technology

Apple Prepares to Start Made-in-India iPhones Sales on Launch Day for First Time

For the first time in the history of the American technology giant Apple, samples of a new smartphone model of the iPhone line produced in India can go on sale on the day the next generation of development appears on the global market.

Society & Lifestyle

China Reportedly Plans to Ban on Use of iPhone in State Firms and Agencies

The media reported that the Chinese authorities plan to expand the scope of the ban on the use of smartphones of the iPhone line, which is currently applied to secret units, by extending this restrictive measure to agencies that receive government support and state-owned companies.


EU Names Six Tech Giants to Comply With DMA

The EU regulators have come up with a list of so-called gatekeepers with enough market power to report their core platform services to the European Commission under the Digital Markets Act (DMA)


Foxconn Launches iPhone 15 Production in India

Foxconn Launches iPhone 15 Production in India.

Science & Technology

Apple Reportedly Beefs Up AI Capabilities of Its Mobile Devices

The media reports that Apple is currently expanding the scale of integration of generative artificial intelligence into its mobile devices.


Apple Reports Results for Fiscal 2023 Third Quarter

Apple’s intention, which is to implement a structural transformation strategy to move from the category of a manufacturing company to the category of a full-fledged ecosystem with a service orientation, is gaining momentum in the practical plane and is gradually forming the contours of a new corporate space that is in the stage of gradual […]

Fintech & Ecommerce

Apple Card’s Savings Account Exceeds $10 Billion

Apple Card’s Savings Account Exceeds $10 billion.


Apple to Crack Down On Apps That Track Users

Apple has announced the beginning of countering applications that track users through the use of data collection mechanisms from personal devices.

Fintech & Ecommerce

French Regulator Draws Attention to Apple’s Ad Policy

The French competition authority has expressed dissatisfaction with the concept of Apple’s advertising policy.

Science & Technology

Apple Opens Applications for Vision Pro Developer Kit

Apple has decided to open applications for the Vision Pro developer kit.


Apple Aspires to Keep iPhone Shipments Steady

Apple has asked suppliers to produce about 85 million iPhone 15 units this year, which roughly corresponds to the volumes recorded by the end of 2022.

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