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Atom Bank Partners With Assetz Capital for Commercial Mortgage Access

Assetz Capital will act as a key distribution partner for Atom commercial mortgage loan applications covering all UK regions


Atom Bank Raises £30M, Gets Ready for IPO

The latest funding round brought the bank £30 million from BBVA, Toscafund, and Infinity Investment Partners, in preparation for a 2024 IPO


Atom Bank praises four-day working week

Having introduced a four-day working week nine months ago, Atom Bank sees overwhelming uplift in both job satisfaction and productivity


Atom Bank enters into partnership to help small businesses

This collaboration is addressing the financial needs of small businesses in an economic climate where they face more obstacles than ever before


10 best fintech startups in the UK

Today, we’ll cover the top 10  fintech startups ruling over the UK market


Leading neobanks in the UK: top 6 digital-only banks

The best digital-only banks in the leading fintech and neobanking country


Atom Bank to rebrand its Digital Mortgages

Digital Mortgages by Atom bank announces 2019 rebrand


Digital banking: top 10 mobile-only banks worldwide

Many experts firmly believe that the mobile-only banking trend will not just continue, but will also be reinforced