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Bank of Canada Prepares Report on Prospects of Digital Currency

The Bank of Canada has prepared a report on the specifics of using the national bank’s digital currency (CBDC).

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The Royal Bank of Canada unveiled a new authentication tool

RBC has launched a revolutionary technology to further protect its clients’ most personal information online. Built within the RBC Mobile App, clients can now use their personal PIN with their client card or biometrics to securely authenticate themselves on their mobile phone. For Android users, the App uses NFC, enabling clients to simply tap their […]


Bank of Canada reveals three digital currency proposals

The move is a segment of the Bank of Canada’s attack into CBDCs

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Bank of Canada urges businesses to accept cash

Many consumers and businesses avoid using cash in order to limit the transmission of COVID-19


Canadian banks provide flexible solutions due to coronavirus

Canadians who are facing difficulties are encouraged to contact their banks


RBC launches digital government ID verification

RBC only collects the necessary information for opening and operating a personal deposit account

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How do common financial goals affect relationships: survey

Most of the Canadian couples link financial stability to relationship success

Finance & Economics

Interac payment solution for businesses goes live in Canada

Subscribed RBC business banking customers can facilitate the Interac e-Transfer feature


Microsoft stock to hit $200 

Investors and analysts gained confidence with the company’s latest report

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Canadians overspent during last year’s holidays

Canadians aged between 34 and 55 overspent the most: $531 on average

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Canadians will choose new design for $5 banknote

The public consultation process is expected to start in late January

Finance & Economics

Six central banks cooperate on digital currency

The group will closely interact with the Financial Stability Board and the Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures (CPMI)