Bank of Lithuania


Number of payment transactions in Lithuania tripled during 2020

Electronic money institutions and electronic payment institutions comprise a significant share of Lithuania’s fintech sector


Bank of Lithuania’s payment system sets new records

The Bank of Lithuania runs a payment system called CENTROlink


Payrnet now licensed to issue electronic money in Europe

The new electronic money institution license issued by the Bank of Lithuania

Society & Lifestyle

ECB says it’s unlikely to contract coronavirus from cash

The virus can be detected on surfaces only in very low concentration


Number of e-money and payment institutions across Lithuania rise

Ten largest institutions in Lithuania gained 59.4% of the sector’s total revenue due to their licensed activities

Finance & Economics

European bank finds streamline reporting solution

The supervisory authority will get a completely new level of monitoring and analysis opportunities


World’s first blockchain-based collector coin presented

The original silver coin is bearing a denomination of €19.18 to commemorate the year of the Act of Independence of Lithuania

Science & Technology

Lithuania revealed its largest investment flows

The manufacturing companies and companies engaged in financial and insurance activities had the largest investment inflows 


Bank of Lithuania will check authenticity of foreign currencies

In case the Bank of Lithuania specialists discover that the money is counterfeit, they will immediately inform the police

Finance & Economics

Licensing for payment and fintech companies: EMI license

This article covers the requirements and peculiarities of EMI license