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DigitMiner – Guide to Make Money with Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Mining

Established in 2019, DigitMiner rapidly rose to prominence in the dynamic world of cryptocurrency bitcoin mining from its base in USA. DigitMiner’s mission has always been to maximize hashrate by employing cutting-edge AI technology, making DigitMiner a pioneer in efficiency, innovation, and sustainability in the Bitcoin mining space. DigitMiner’s unwavering commitment to these principles has […]


Pros and Cons of Cloud Mining

Mining Bitcoin and other proof-of-work crypto is an excellent income source for many people. Unlike traditional crypto mining, cloud mining doesn’t require solid tech skills or the ability to set up large-scale computer hardware. 

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The Power of Bitcoin in Revolutionizing Crowdfunding

In the digital age, financial transactions have undergone a tremendous transformation, propelled by the rapid development of technology. One of the most significant advancements in this area is the emergence of Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency that offers a new dimension of flexibility and efficiency in financial dealings. This is particularly evident in the sphere […]

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How to Buy Gold With Bitcoin and Crypto

Modern investors diversify their portfolios with a robust mix of traditional and innovative digital assets. Often dubbed as digital gold, Bitcoin is a valuable asset per se. However, many crypto investors prefer to reallocate some of their blockchain-based funds into the most ancient and stably profitable solid gold. Luckily, many platforms currently offer the possibility […]


Square Merchants Can Convert 1%-10% of Sales to Bitcoin via Cash App

Square merchants can now allocate a portion of their daily sales to Bitcoin, with an on-demand payouts feature via CashApp.


El Salvador Launches First-Ever Tokenized Asset Raise With Bitfinex Securities

Tokenized shares issued on the Bitcoin layer 2 Liquid Network will allow investors to earn a share in a new 4,500-square-foot Hampton by Hilton hotel in El Salvador.


Paraguay Postpones Bitcoin Mining Ban

Senators of Paraguay are now considering selling excess energy from its Itaipu hydropower plant to miners instead of the blanket Bitcoin mining ban proposed earlier.

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How are Crypto Exchanges Shaping the Future of Bitcoin and Ethereum Trading in Australia?

Australia, known for its breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cities, is also making its mark in cryptocurrency trading. In the cryptocurrency scenario, where Bitcoin and Ethereum dominate the market, the role of crypto exchanges is pivotal.

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Securing Bitcoin: A Crucial Practices Handbook

Bitcoin, an autonomously managed digital currency, has emerged as a transformative force in the financial realm. The decentralized nature of Bitcoin underscores the pressing necessity for heightened emphasis on protective measures to ensure the safety of assets for both individuals and enterprises.

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Definitive Exploration of Understanding Bitcoin’s Market Dynamics

Bitcoin’s market dynamics encompass the intricate interplay of supply, demand, and external factors that shape its value, forming the foundation of its volatile presence in the cryptocurrency landscape. As the pioneering force in the cryptocurrency space, Bitcoin serves as a crucial indicator for the entire ecosystem.


Bitcoin Users’ Roadmap to Investment Strategy Mastery

In the evolving realm of Bitcoin within the financial ecosystem, a nuanced understanding of its journey is indispensable. This article undertakes a comprehensive exploration of strategic approaches, aiming to empower users on their investment journey in the cryptocurrency landscape.


The Path to Profit: Unlocking the Potential of BTC Mining Operations

BTC mining may not be attractive for the sake of the cryptocurrency production only, but it may be also the way to profit. mining serves as the main type of function of the Bitcoin network, such as checking, confirming transaction and enforcing chain validity.


JPMorgan Predicts Bitcoin Correction

JPMorgan analysts say that one of the most anticipated catalysts for further growth in the price of Bitcoin may eventually cause a decrease in the corresponding indicator.


How Bitcoin Mining Promotes the Transition to Renewable Energy

Eco-activists have long been opposing crypto mining due to its perceivably high energy intensity. What if I tell you that Bitcoin mining can not only be sustainable but also promote the global transition to renewable energy? 

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Cash App Bitcoin Profit Surges 90%

Block’s Cash App generated $66 million in Bitcoin gross profit in Q4 2023, with the total amount of BTC sold to customers reaching $2.5 billion.


Key 2024 Crypto Trends

Decentralisation is a keyword in the modern financial industry. The crypto segment is developing rapidly, with new trends shaping the future of decentralised transactions. Here is what to expect from the cryptocurrency field in 2024.