Blockchain & Crypto

Ensuring Food Safety through Blockchain: An In-depth Look at the Partnership between Software Developers and the Agriculture Industry

In the rapidly evolving digital world, blockchain technology has emerged as a potent force, disrupting and transforming various industries across the globe. The agriculture sector, a cornerstone of the global economy, is one such industry that has welcomed this transformative wave. The technology’s potential to bring about significant changes in the way the agriculture sector […]

Blockchain & Crypto

Sovereign Blockchain: Exploring an E-Government Future

This article explores the stages to amended democracy. By removing the inadequate intermediaries elected to represent public opinion, the utilisation of blockchain and other powerful technologies can empower citizens to reliably and truly self-govern. But, is self-governance desirable? What are the concerns surrounding supercomputers, AI, and blockchain technologies? What would it take to remove human […]


Exploring Interoperability Solutions: Bridging the Gap Between Blockchains

In the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology has emerged as a transformative force, promising secure and transparent transactions.

Finance & Economics

Blockchain and Business Loans: A Match Made in Heaven?

Are you a business owner caught in the maze of traditional loan applications, drowning in paperwork, and grappling with the uncertainty of approval? Does the painstakingly slow process of securing funds hinder your growth and innovation? Imagine a future where securing business loans is not just streamlined but lightning-fast, where transparency and trust reign supreme […]

Blockchain & Crypto

JPMorgan Reportedly Considers Using Blockchain for Cross-Border Payments

The media reported that JPMorgan is currently exploring the possibility of using blockchain technology to create a digital deposit token.

Blockchain & Crypto

London Stock Exchange Considers Entering Blockchain Market

One of the oldest stock exchanges in the world, based in London, will reportedly use a separate entity for its planned blockchain-based markets business


Where Fintech and Sustainable Fashion Collide: How Financial Technology Can Help You Tame Your Consumerism

Fashion is the opposite of sustainability. Trends come and go every season, asking for a total wardrobe revamp. Most fashionistas are also shopaholics, driving the surge in both clothing sales and resources used for its production. These stereotypes have formed over many decades, but it’s time for them to become relics. New generations are calling […]


From Tokens to Winnings: Exploring the Tax Implications of Ethereum Gambling Platforms

The introduction of decentralized casino platforms on the Ethereum network is one of the most famous creative uses made possible by the growth of blockchain technology.


UAE to Establish Blockchain-Based National Carbon Credit System

The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MoCCAE), the Industrial Innovation Group LLC and Venom Foundation to jointly establish a national system for carbon credits using blockchain technology