Finance & Economics

Rethinking Fresh Produce Packaging: An Interview with Patrick Boot, board member of NNZ North America

In the world of fresh produce, ensuring products reach consumers in the best possible condition is essential. The challenge? Packaging. It’s not just about aesthetics; it’s about sustainability, efficiency, and innovation.


Interac Mobile Payments Surge Over 50% in Canadian Stores

One of Canada’s major payment providers, Interac, has seen a significant surge in transaction volumes for contactless in-store mobile payments

Science & Technology

AI Startup Cohere Reportedly Taps JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs for Financing

The media, citing insiders, reported that Cohere, which operates in the field of artificial intelligence and receives support from investors, including Oracle and Nvidia, is currently interacting with banks in preparation for a new round of financing a few months after the completion of the previous one.

Finance & Economics

The Great Canadian Housing Bubble

Canada might be a great place to live, that is – if you can afford it. The infamous Canadian housing bubble made real estate prices surge 10x times higher than one’s average annual income, while mortgage payments may take about 97% of the household earnings.


Analyst Downgrades Royal Bank of Canada

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) showed results in the third quarter that exceeded analysts’ expectations and forecasts, but the problems that the financial institution will face in the near future became a reason for one of the experts to downgrade the lender’s shares.

Society & Lifestyle

Canadian Prime Minister Criticizes Facebook for Blocking News

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has criticized Facebook negatively, saying that this virtual platform has a system of priorities in which corporate profits are much more valuable compared to the safety of people.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Fintech Funding Plummets in Canada and Vietnam

These two countries have shown enormous levels of fintech funding decline in the first half of 2023

Fintech & Ecommerce

Monos CEO Says About Impact of Inflation on Costs of D2C Buyers

Victor Tam, CEO of Monos, a company that creates premium travel products, said that during the difficult macroeconomic situation, which so far shows no signs of improvement in the foreseeable future, many consumers refuse to make large purchases in the e-commerce space, preferring shopping during holiday sales.

Society & Lifestyle

Netflix Tests Its Games on TVs and Computers

Netflix on Monday, August 14, announced the start of testing its video games on more devices, including televisions and computers, in addition to smartphones on which games are already running.


Snapchat Reportedly Reaps Benefits From Creator Revenue-Sharing Program

Snapchat’s plan to distribute the income received as a result of the placement of advertising materials or the results of other activities to promote brand products, with content creators is likely to be effective and will bring significant benefits to the social network.


Yahoo Plans to Become Public Company Again

Yahoo may soon cease to be a private company.

Society & Lifestyle

Canada to Require Google and Meta to Pay for News

The Senate of Canada last Thursday, June 22, passed a bill according to which Google and Meta are obliged to provide the media with a fee for news materials distributed on the platforms of these companies.

Society & Lifestyle

Reddit Communities Adopt Alternative Forms of Protest

Numerous subreddits have switched to alternative forms of protest.

Society & Lifestyle

Thousands of Reddit Communities Go Dark to Protest Company’s New Policy

Thousands of Reddit forums closed on June 12, Monday, as part of a large-scale protest by users of this social media platform.

Fintech & Ecommerce

SoFi Debuts Student Loan Tool

SoFi presented a financial instrument through which consumers can repay student loans and at the same time save money for retirement.


AI Firm Cohere Raises $270 Million

The startup Cohere, which is engaged in developments in the field of artificial intelligence, has raised investment funds in the amount of $270 million from venture capital and strategic investors, including Oracle Corp. and Nvidia Corp.

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