China Plans to Relax Data Rules

Currently, China is discussing the possibility of changing the rules regarding data flows to other countries.

Science & Technology

Incomes of Leading Chinese Manufacturers of Chip Equipment Demonstrate Growth

According to the results of the first half of 2023, the revenue growth of the leading Chinese manufacturers of chip equipment was recorded.


Bitcoin Is Legally Recognized in China

In China, the Shanghai Second Intermediate People’s Court officially recognized Bitcoin as a “unique and non-reproducible” currency.

Blockchain & Crypto

E-Yuan App Adds New Feature for Foreigners

The new mobile top-up feature enables foreigners in China to use their overseas SIM cards to open an e-yuan wallet and recharge it with their bank cards or cash before making a payment.

Science & Technology

Joe Biden Administration Announces Final Restrictions on Expansion in China by Semiconductor Companies

The administration of US President Joe Biden on Friday, September 22, announced the final restrictions on the capabilities of semiconductor companies to operate in China.

Science & Technology

China Stops Exporting Two Minerals Chipmakers Need

By the end of August, the indicators of Chinese exports of two rare minerals that are used in the production of semiconductors dropped to zero.


China to Make Its Business Environment More Friendly for Foreign Companies

The head of the central bank of China announced his intention to open up the country’s financial industry to closer cooperation with foreign companies and make the local business environment favorable for the activities of brands from other states.


US Characterizes China’s Apple iPhone Ban as Retaliation

The White House is of the opinion that China’s decision to impose a government ban on the use of iPhone smartphones in certain consumer environments is an attempt in a practical plane to respond to the United States to their measures against Beijing.


China Flags Security Problems With iPhones

China reported the presence of security problems during the use of smartphones of the iPhone line but noted that this circumstance is not a reason to impose a ban on the purchase of the corresponding devices by the American technology giant.


Ant Launches AI Language Model

The Chinese firm Ant Group Co presented an artificial intelligence tool, which is intended for use in the areas of money management and insurance services.

Society & Lifestyle

China Reportedly Plans to Ban on Use of iPhone in State Firms and Agencies

The media reported that the Chinese authorities plan to expand the scope of the ban on the use of smartphones of the iPhone line, which is currently applied to secret units, by extending this restrictive measure to agencies that receive government support and state-owned companies.


Baidu to Benefit by Launch Ernie Bot

Leading Chinese Internet search provider Baidu may benefit significantly from the earlier-than-expected launch of an AI-based chatbot Ernie, which is similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Finance & Economics

Alibaba Cloud Eyes Private Round to Raise Funds from Chinese State-Owned Enterprises

The media, citing knowledgeable persons, reported that the cloud unit of Alibaba Group Holding is currently exploring the possibility of conducting a private round of financing to raise funds from Chinese state-owned enterprises.

Science & Technology

China Reportedly Seeks Money to Drive Chipmaking

The media, citing persons who provided information on condition of anonymity, reported that China is currently seeking to raise funds in the amount of more than $40 billion to create a kind of investment base for the development of the local industry sector specializing in the production of chips and research in the relevant sphere.


Country Garden Warns About Threat of Default

Country Garden, one of the giants of the Chinese real estate sector, on Wednesday, August 30, announced the threat of default on its huge debts.


Baidu Reportedly to Get China Approval for AI Models

The media reported that this week China will approve the first batch of generating artificial intelligence services for public implementation.

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