Finance & Economics

Citigroup Posts First-Quarter Revenue

Citigroup reported earnings for the first quarter of 2024.


Top Citi Strategist Says About Prospects of Healthy Economic Growth

Steven Wieting, chief investment strategist and chief economist at Citi Global Wealth, says that the global economic system does not need a collapse situation for the inflation rate to return to the target level.

Finance & Economics

Citi and LuminArx Introduce Financing Tool for Private Lending Market

Citi and LuminArx presented a financial instrument designed for use in the private lending market.

Finance & Economics

Citigroup Fixes $1.8 Billion Fourth-Quarter Loss

On Friday, January 12, Citigroup reported a loss of $1.8 billion for the fourth quarter of last year.


Citi Invests in Colombian FinTech Supra

Citi has led a round of strategic investments in Supra, a fintech company based in Colombia.


Citigroup Launches Restructuring

Citigroup has started operations as part of the next stage of its organizational change plan.


Citi Launches Blockchain Solution for Foreign Exchange Trades

Citi has developed an app in which blockchain is used to make execute foreign exchange (FX) trades.

Society & Lifestyle

US Regulator Accuses Citibank of Discrimination

In the United States, the federal regulator accused Citibank that this financial institution had been implementing an illegal corporate policy of discrimination against Americans of Armenian origin for several years, singling them out in applications for credit cards based on surnames.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Citi Uses Generative AI to Read New Capital Rules

Citigroup intends to provide more than 40,000 of its programmers with access to generative artificial intelligence amid Wall Street’s growing interest in advanced technology that is projected to surpass human mental abilities in the foreseeable future.


Citi Rolls Out New Travel and Expense Management System

Citi announces the launch of a new travel and expense management system for its corporate clients who reside in the United States.


Citi Chairman Warns Against Plan for New Capital Requirements

Citigroup Chairman John C. Dugan joined American banking executives who negatively assessed the plan of the United States authorities to introduce new capital requirements.


Citi Launches BNPL Option for Costco Anywhere Visa Cardmembers

Citi announced that Visa Costco Anywhere cardholders now have access to the Citi Flex Pay Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) option.


Citi Adds New Payment Solutions

Citi Treasury and Trade Solutions presented a line of new banking products that are intended for use by financial institutions within the scope of their activities related to the execution of payment transactions.


Citi Introduces New Offerings to Streamline Its Retail Banking Business

Citi has developed new proposals that should optimize the retail banking business of this lender.

Finance & Economics

Citigroup CEO Reportedly Weighs Plan to Break Up Corporation’s Biggest Unit

The media reports that currently, the chief executive officer of Citigroup Jane Fraser is considering the possibility of creating a plan to break up the largest unit of this corporation as part of a restructuring strategy.


Citi Rolls Out Working Capital Loans

Citi announced its intention to meet the working capital needs of commercial clients as part of its activities.