Science & Technology

E-KYC Surges in Africa

Innovative e-KYC verification solutions are growing in Africa, just as businesses across the continent are increasingly moving online.


UK Promotes Cyber Skills With Free School Training

UK government encourages schools to take advantage of free resources to help secondary school children boost cyber skills and pursue careers in the field later in life

Science & Technology

Scientist Aim to Verify ID With Walking Pattern

The new gait-based biometric security ID technology takes into account various factors of one’s walking pattern, including the length of your stride, how heavy you are, how you move, and how you roll over your feet as you walk

Society & Lifestyle

China’s Internet Regulator Discusses New Data-Security Rules With Foreign Firms

The Chinese Internet regulator is discussing options for applying new data security rules with foreign companies, including Walmart.


Resilience to Expand Cyber-Risk Platform

Resilience has announced the completion of a $100 million Series D equity financing round.


California Plans to Review Data Privacy in Cars

In California, local regulators with the authority to initiate investigations and proceedings in the field of confidentiality have announced their intention to review the data protection policy followed by car manufacturers.

Science & Technology

Apple to Crack Down On Apps That Track Users

Apple has announced the beginning of countering applications that track users through the use of data collection mechanisms from personal devices.


Staying Ahead of Account Takeover: Prevention Strategies for Fintechs Fraud Detection

In today’s ever-connected digital landscape, the threat of account takeover looms large for individuals and businesses alike. Fintech companies, in particular, need to adopt proactive and robust prevention strategies to safeguard user accounts and stay one step ahead of account takeover attempts. Account takeover is a serious issue that involves fraudsters gaining unauthorized access to […]


Microsoft Gives Out Free Cybersecurity Tools

Microsoft has started offering free cybersecurity tools to government and commercial customers.


Bangladesh Government Website Leaks Citizens’ Personal Data

A leak of the personal information of citizens was recorded on the website of the Government of Bangladesh.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Nine British Banks Sign Up to New AI Tool for Tackling Scams

Mastercard has launched sales of an artificial intelligence-based tool with which financial institutions can record customers’ attempts to transfer money to fraudsters.


HSBC Tests Quantum Tech in London to Guard Against Hacks

HSBC Holdings Plc will be the first British financial institution to test an advanced data protection system.

Society & Lifestyle

US Patent and Trademark Office Notifies Filers of Years-Long Data Leak

In the United States, a federal government agency that issues patents and trademarks has confirmed information that this organization inadvertently disclosed the personal addresses of about 61 thousand applicants.


Sardine Launches Anti-Fraud Consortium of Financial Institutions and FinTechs

Sardine, a company that specializes in preventing fraudulent activity, has created an independent consortium to combat similar crimes committed in the field of payments.

Science & Technology

Resistant AI Raises $11 Million for Security Solutions

The Resistant AI company announced the raising of new investment funds.

Science & Technology

American Hospitals Suffer Increase in Cyberattacks

In the United States, an aggravation of the problem of cyberattacks on hospitals has been recorded.

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