Czech Republic


Here’s how Europeans can help Ukrainian refugees

If you want to help Ukrainians forced out of their homeland, here are some helpful links and resources


Los países de Europa más baratos para vivir

En este artículo, encontrará algunos de los países más baratos para vivir en Europa

Finance & Economics

Top 10 unicorn startups to watch out for in 2022

There are over 1000 private companies with valuations exceeding 1 billion USD. The unicorn club is getting a new member or two every day. 1. Scandit (Switzerland) Founded: 2009 Became a unicorn: 9 February 2022 Zürich-based smart data capture firm Scandit has seen ARR numbers more than double since May 2020. During the pandemic, Scandit […]

Finance & Economics

Here’s how much European marketplaces are estimated to value

50% of online shoppers use marketplaces


It’ll become easier for Czech customers to receive parcels from outside EU

Receiving packages from outside the EU will become easier for customers and retailers in the Czech Republic

Society & Lifestyle

EU Digital Covid Certificate goes live: here’s where

More countries will join in the coming days and weeks

Finance & Economics

Zalando expands its pre-owned business across new European markets

The company accepts like-new items without signs of use from over 3,000 common brands


Women and money: famous females on banknotes

The women featured on currency notes from all around the world


ING to exit retail banking in Czech: here’s when

Raiffeisenbank Czech Republic has agreed to prepare a welcome offer for ING’s retail customers in the Czech Republic

Blockchain & Crypto

Top 10 crypto-friendly cities in the world

Today, we’ll describe the main global hotspots where crypto-enthusiasts should feel at home

Fintech & Ecommerce

PayU partners Czech fintech to offer deferred payments in Poland

Deferred payments with Twisto are currently offered by around 4 thousand retailers in Poland and the Czech Republic

Finance & Economics

What Nord Stream 2 means for Europe: economic forecast

Today, we’re trying to figure out what Nord Stream 2 means for the European economies

Finance & Economics

E-commerce in Europe: top & fastest-growing markets

The Czech Republic is the fastest-growing e-commerce market in Europe


Cashless journey: a weekend in Prague with a banking card

We have written this guide for those who want to accept the challenge and dare to spend a weekend in Prague without any cash