Blockchain & Crypto

The ‘D’ in ‘DAO’ is not for ‘Pseudo-Democracy’

So focused on rolling out interesting blockchain features, the Arbitrum Foundation never learned what a proposal or a DAO is.

Blockchain & Crypto

Women in Web3

Web3 is not exactly the sphere associated with women professionals. However, their presence in this innovative financial ecosystem is growing along with the impact they make


Hydranet Staking is Happening Without Short-Term Rewards

Hydranet DAO has reduced staking APY to 0%, and users support it.

Blockchain & Crypto

Maker DAO Votes to Integrate Chainlink to Help Maintain DAI Stability

MakerDAO integrates blockchain data provider Chainlink’s Automation for price updates, liquidity balancing, and maintaining the stability of Maker’s DAI stablecoin.


MakerDAO to Launch First Native Liquidity Market Focused on DAI Stablecoin

Proposed ‘Spark Protocol’ will leverage MakerDAO’s DAI stablecoin and its crypto assets for liquidity.


ShadowSwap and LayerZero Combine for Cross-chain Bridging

ShadowSwap will use LayerZero’s framework to offer users cross-chain interoperability.