Estonia Shuts Down Hundreds Local Crypto Firms Under New Legislation

About 400 virtual asset service providers have either lost their licences or voluntarily shut down in Estonia after the government enhanced TFP and AML laws with stricter rules for the crypto industry players


Striga Launches APIs for Crypto Cards Programme

Estonian crypto infrastructure provider, Striga, has launched a set of APIs to help crypto companies generate branded bank cards

Finance & Economics

Finora Bank Partners iDenfy to Automate Compliance

B2B financial service provider Finora Bank has partnered with AI-enabled fraud prevention and identity verification firm iDenfy to automate customer due diligence

Fintech & Ecommerce

Wise Prepares to Launch Investing Product in Europe

Securing a license in Estonia provides Wise with an opportunity to expand its Assets investing service across Europe


Record number of European consumers abandon financial apps during onboarding

The report is based on a survey of 7600 consumers across Europe including Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, the UK, and Ukraine


Estonia won’t ban crypto holding or trading

The new regulation states that only companies who operate in Estonia or are connected to Estonia can apply for a license to operate as a VASP


Which European countries don’t use the euro?

Do you know how many countries use the euro? Do you know which European countries have retained their own currency?

Countries acquires Estonian software development company

Tallinn will become’s second-largest engineering hub


Stripe Issuing service is now available in Europe

Stripe Issuing is giving businesses more control over how they spend their money

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The most expensive and cheapest countries to live in 2021

Let’s find out where in the world is the lowest price for food, rent, and utilities


Revolut expands banking services across 10 European countries

Currently, the company serves over 15 million customers worldwide


Estonian postal company expands its network in Baltic states

The expansion concerns all of the 3 Baltic states, as parcel volumes have grown even more rapidly in Latvia and Lithuania

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Estonians can now receive parcels when they’re not at home

These kinds of parcel delivery will only happen upon agreement with the client


Which countries run national digital currencies?

… and why they have nothing to do with crypto