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EU Starts Probe Into Meta, Apple and Alphabet

The European Union on Monday, March 25, announced the launch of an investigation into such technology giants as Apple, Alphabet, and Meta.


CFPB and European Commission Start Discussion About Digitization of Finance

Didier Reynders, Commissioner of the European Commission for Justice and Consumer Protection, and Rohit Chopra, Director of the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), on Monday, July 17, announced the beginning of a dialogue on some issues related to the digitalization of the financial industry.


EC Opens Investigation of Amazon’s Planned Acquisition of iRobot

The European Commission (EC) has announced the launch of an in-depth investigation into the expected acquisition of iRobot by the e-commerce giant Amazon.


EU Approves €8 Billion State Subsidies for Chip Research

In the European Union, it was decided to provide state subsidies in the amount of $8 billion to support research projects in the field of semiconductors.

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EU Begins Work on Digital Visas for Schengen Visitors

Negotiations on the creation and subsequent implementation of a digital visa for the Schengen area will soon begin in the European Union.

Finance & Economics

EU Lawmakers Pass More Requirements for Banks Holding Cryptocurrency

EU lawmakers vote to impose limitations and strict capital requirements on banks holding cryptocurrency.


EU Tightens Rules for Banks Holding Cryptocurrency

European lawmakers voted on Tuesday that banks must fully cover crypto holdings with capital.


European Commission to Start Large-Scale Testing of the European Digital Identity Wallet

European Digital Identity Wallet pilot programmes will test the solution across multiple use cases, e.g. in-store, online and cross-border payments, travel, e-commerce, access to services and credential verification

Science & Technology

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) — a New EU Regulation Concerning Large Digital Companies

The European digital market is to become fairer and more competitive as the Digital Markets Act (DMA) comes into force


Financial institutions pledge to lower remittance fees to Ukraine

As remittance now plays a vital role in the war-torn economy of Ukraine, global financial leaders commit to lowering the fees 


Consortium wants to pilot European Digital Identity Wallet payments 

A consortium of government agencies and fintech providers from six European countries propose to launch a large-scale pilot to explore European Digital Identity Wallet payments

Finance & Economics

Explained: European Commission wants to ban anonymous crypto wallets

Recent statements from the European Commission reminded the shocked crypto community of some dystopian fiction where Big Brother is always watching. The proposed regulation on banning anonymous crypto wallets means the industry is doomed. Or is it? Let’s take a closer look.


EU Digital Covid Certificate goes live: here’s where

More countries will join in the coming days and weeks


EU proposed Digital Green Certificates

Digital Green Certificates will be valid in all EU Member States

Finance & Economics

European Commission: retailers face territorial supply restrictions 

The Commission considers these restrictions would support the single market fragmentation