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Our goal is to continue investing in Ukrainian FinTech — Nykyta Izmailov, CEO of N1 fund

What challenges do Ukrainian investors and startups face? Read in the interview


“Those not involved in e-commerce are putting themselves in a fragile situation”: interview with Nikhita Hyett, Managing Director for Europe at BlueSnap

  Nikhita Hyett is the Managing Director for Europe at BlueSnap, a global payment orchestration platform. BlueSnap provides an All-in-One Payment Platform designed to increase sales and reduce costs for B2B and B2C businesses. Their platform supports online and mobile sales, marketplaces, subscriptions, invoice payments and manual orders through a virtual terminal. UK e-commerce has […]

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‘To succeed in embedded finance, you must deliver on your promise of helping partners scale’: interview with Mikkel Velin, Co-CEO at YouLend

Mikkel Velin, Co-CEO at YouLend, shares his thoughts on the future of embedded finance, YouLend’s latest achievements and many more. What inspired you to get into fintech? In the early days of my career at traditional financial services firms, I noted that after the 2008 financial crisis, a gap had emerged in financing offerings, and […]


Interview with Lisa Scott, CMO at Banked

We spoke with Lisa Scott, Chief Marketing Officer at Banked, about the Pay by Bank solution, key trends in the payments industry and much more! Lisa, what is your professional background? I started my career in finance and qualified as an accountant with British Airways who had a great graduate programme. I expanded into business […]


Rónán Gallagher, Head of Omnichannel at Trust Payments, talks about what makes a Payment-as-a-service provider successful

Rónán Gallagher Head of Omnichannel at Trust Payments       For most customer experiences, payment is the last checkpoint before a sale is finalised. This last step needs to be as seamless and efficient as possible for customers in order to convert their interest into a transaction. Many organisations are looking to solidify customer […]


PaySpace Magazine 2021: a year in review

Let’s take a quick look back at our popular news stories and articles over the last year. Top articles in English Why are some NFTs worth millions? Due to its quite recent occurrence and even a more recent public acknowledgment, NFTs still remain the dark horses in the crypto industry. Therefore, let’s clarify that notion […]

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Goldex Founder and CEO Sylvia Carrasco on Basel 3 and opportunities for gold fintechs

PaySpace Magazine has reached out to Goldex Founder and CEO Sylvia Carrasco to talk about Basel 3 and the importance of gold investment and much more! Tell us about Goldex and what inspired you to set up the company Goldex is the world’s only multi-dealer marketplace for allocated physical gold that offers an integration for […]

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PaySpace Magazine Awards 2021 long list

We bring to your attention the companies and experts who will participate in this year’s PaySpace Magazine Awards


Olena Sosiedka presented the results of the open fintech ecosystem Concord Fintech Solutions at Web Summit 2021

During her master class at the largest IT conference Web Summit, which takes place in Lisbon, the founder of the Concord Fintech Solutions, Olena Sosiedka, spoke about Ukrainian and international projects within the fintech ecosystem that were implemented over the current year. “Over the period of existence of the Concord Fintech Solutions, we have implemented […]


“We used to say cash is dead, now we say the card is dead”: interview with Dora Ziambra, COO of Azimo

PaySpace Magazine met with Dora Ziambra, COO of Azimo, at Money20/20 Europe, the biggest fintech event, that took place in Amsterdam in September 2021 to talk about trends in digital payments, future expansion in Europe, and future of fintech. For the beginning, tell us about your company. What clients do you have? What solutions do […]

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Money20/20 interview with Günther Vogelpoel, CEO of Recharge.com 

PaySpace Magazine Global has reached out to Günther Vogelpoel, CEO of Recharge.com, to discuss the company’s $35 million funding round and further plans. Could you briefly tell us about your background? Why did you decide to pursue your career in this industry? My background is in telecoms. I have worked in the sector for 15 […]

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Money20/20 Europe interview with Petr Kozyakov, Mercuryo’s co-founder and CEO 

The old legacy of the financial world – how does crypto fit into it?

Finance & Economics

Mambu’s CCO on the future of banking and the role of Big Tech in financial services

PaySpace Magazine Global has reached out to Elliott Limb, Chief Customer Officer of Mambu, a banking and fintech expert with over 20 years of experience. Could you briefly tell us about your background? Why did you decide to pursue your career in banking and fintech? My background is in banking and fintech. Growing a technology […]