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Fintech & Ecommerce

Fed Warns Goldman Sachs Over FinTech Risk

The Federal Reserve issued a warning to Goldman Sachs about risk control and compliance with regulatory requirements in the unit of the investment bank specializing in financial technologies.


Fed Raises Interest Rates

The US central bank has decided to raise interest rates to the highest level in the last 22 years.

Finance & Economics

Federal Reserve Fines UBS

The Federal Reserve System last Monday, July 24, announced the application of sanctions in the form of fines against UBS due to the practice of committing misconduct by Credit Suisse in risk management of Archegos Capital Management, an investment fund that declared bankruptcy in 2021.


Fed Fines Deutsche Bank

The Federal Reserve System fined Deutsche Bank $186 million.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Finastra Completes FedNow Certification

Finastra has become one of the first vendors in the financial services industry to complete the process of testing and certification for the FedNow  – Federal Reserve’s new instant payments service to launch this July


JPMorgan Creates AI Model to Analyze Fed Speeches

A week before the Federal Reserve meeting, JPMorgan Chase & Co. presented an artificial intelligence model based on ChatGPT, the purpose of which is to decipher an in-depth analysis of central bank messages and identify potential signals for the trading sector.


The Role of Abraham Lincoln in Establishing the National Banking System

President Abraham is The Great Emancipator for his part in black emancipation. But little is known of his exploits as a major proponent of the federal monetary structure. Andrew Jackson vetoed the “Bank Bill” to the Senate in 1832. Later on, Jackson tagged it as the greatest achievement of his life. The bill killed the […]