Understanding Loans in Finland: A Comprehensive Guide

When considering financial solutions in Finland, understanding the nuances of loans is essential. Whether you’re a resident or an expatriate, navigating the Finnish loan market can be complex.


Bitcoin Mining Energy to Heat Homes in Finland

A new project in Finland is utilising energy generated while Bitcoin mining to power local heating facilities.

Science & Technology

Nokia Says About Negative Prospects of Sales

Nokia Oyj said it will not be able to meet its annual forecast for sales, operating margin, and free cash flow.


Danske Bank Now Helps Businesses Track Their Customers’ Financial Health

The new B2B business intelligence service enables Danske Bank business customers to check their customers’ creditworthiness and access the risks of non-payment

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Norway, Finland and New Zealand are closest to becoming cashless

A rapid transition to cashless societies in these three countries is enabled by the increased popularity of digital wallets

Science & Technology

Record number of European consumers abandon financial apps during onboarding

The report is based on a survey of 7600 consumers across Europe including Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, the UK, and Ukraine


Here’s how much European marketplaces are estimated to value

50% of online shoppers use marketplaces

Fintech & Ecommerce

Klarna announced partnership with Wix

From designers and developers to musicians and restaurant owners, Wix is a website development platform for e-commerce merchants globally


Which European countries don’t use the euro?

Do you know how many countries use the euro? Do you know which European countries have retained their own currency?

Finance & Economics

Top 5 digital banks in Finland

Let’s see which neobanks can gain momentum in Finland in the near future


Finland’s economic forecast 2021: what’s coming next?

Bader Al Hussain PaySpace Magazine Analyst   Finland is one of the richest nations in Europe. Having one of the highest standards of living in the world, the country has a unique and strongly integrated welfare system in order to protect the lower strata of the society. Moreover, Finland is a resource-rich country with an […]


German seniors to make most purchases online in 2022: survey

Over 9,000 consumers from the US, UK, Australia, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland and Sweden participated in the poll


Americans are the most optimistic about their finances: research

 Klarna surveyed over 9,000 consumers across the US, the UK, Australia, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Norway, Finland, and Sweden


Zalando expands its pre-owned business across new European markets

The company accepts like-new items without signs of use from over 3,000 common brands


Stripe Issuing service is now available in Europe

Stripe Issuing is giving businesses more control over how they spend their money

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Countries with highest number of real-time transactions revealed

Coronacrisis caused a significant shift towards digital payments