JPMorgan to Cooperate With Cartes Bancaires CB

JPMorgan has become a principal member of the French payment network Cartes Bancaires CB.


France’s Inflation Rate Falls

In February, the inflation rate in France showed a slowdown to a level that is the lowest since September 2021.


France and Germany to Propose Measures for Economic Growth

French Finance Chief Bruno Le Maire said that in early March he would make proposals to German Economy Minister Robert Habeck to reduce the norms of the European Union, which, in his opinion, are a factor of negative impact on business and create obstacles to economic growth.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Credit Agricole Acquires 7% Stake in Worldline

Credit Agricole announces a minority stake acquisition in Worldline expanding on their exclusive strategic long-term partnership.

Blockchain & Crypto

Staking Technology Provider Kiln Raises $17 Million

French startup Kiln, which operates in the sphere of cryptocurrencies, has successfully completed a $17 million funding round.

Finance & Economics

HSBC Completes Sale of Its French Retail Banking Business

HSBC subsidiary HSBC Continental Europe (HBCE) has completed the sale of its retail banking business in France.


French Prosecutor’s Office Investigates BNP Paribas

In France, the prosecutor’s office is currently investigating alleged aggravated money laundering related to financial transfers made by a Cypriot brokerage company that interacted with the custodial unit BNP Paribas.

Science & Technology

Mistral AI Plans to Raise $487 Million

The French startup Mistral AI, which operates in the artificial intelligence industry, intends to raise funds for about €450 million ($487 million) as part of its latest financing round.


Credit Agricole Reportedly Considers Acquiring Stake in Worldline

The media reports that the French bank Credit Agricole is currently considering the possibility of acquiring a stake in a local payment processing company Worldline.

Finance & Economics

French Economy Unexpectedly Contracts

In France, according to the results of the third quarter of this year, the economy contracted, which came as a surprise to analysts who predicted a positive situation.

Science & Technology

French Finance Minister Says Nvidia’s AI Dominance Stifles Competition

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said that the dominance of the American company Nvidia in the sphere of artificial intelligence, which shows a trend of steady growth, negatively affects the situation in the industry from the point of view of competition.


Startup Mistral AI Presents Its First Generation AI Model

The French startup Mistral AI presented its first model of generative artificial intelligence.


Billionaire Xavier Niel Invests €200 Million in AI

Billionaire Xavier Niel is investing €200 million ($212 million) in artificial intelligence.


France Suspends iPhone 12 Sales

In France, local authorities have ordered Apple to stop the process of selling smartphones of the iPhone 12 model.


French Regulator Searches Worldcoin Paris Office

The French data regulator CNIL this week conducted searches at the regional Worldcoin office, which is located in Paris.


Worldcoin Wallet App Surpasses 1M Downloads

Worldcoin’s World App exceeds one million wallets, while 346,568 wallets are already holding Worldcoin (WLD) tokens