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Key 2024 Crypto Trends

Decentralisation is a keyword in the modern financial industry. The crypto segment is developing rapidly, with new trends shaping the future of decentralised transactions. Here is what to expect from the cryptocurrency field in 2024.


India to Review Tax on Online Gaming

India intends to review the national sales tax regime for companies that operate in the sphere of online gaming after March of the current year.

Science & Technology

China Softens Stance on Gaming

China approved 105 domestic games on Monday, December 25th.


GBank to Expand Gaming Solutions With BankCard Services

GBank Financial Holdings and BankCard Services (BCS) have announced that they have managed to reach a final merger agreement.

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Enhance Your Gaming Experience with Professional Services

Every serious gamer has had that moment when they feel stuck, unable to progress, or just want to reach the next level faster. Thankfully, professional gaming services can help take your skills to the next level. In this guide, we’ll dive deep into the world of game boosting, coaching, and other services to help you […]

Science & Technology

Morgan Stanley Characterizes Microsoft and Sony as AI Winners in Games

Morgan Stanley analysts suppose that platforms such as Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox and Sony Group Corp.’s PlayStation will be the most clear-cut beneficiaries of the integration of artificial intelligence into the gaming industry.


UK Competition Watchdog Approves Microsoft’s Acquisition of Activision Blizzard

The British competition watchdog has approved the implementation of a deal for Microsoft to acquire the video game firm, Activision Blizzard.


UBank and Aeropay to Provide Financial Services for Gaming Industry

The financial institution UBank, which is based in Texas and focuses on the community, and Aeropay, a payment technology company, announced the conclusion of a strategic cooperation agreement.


What Is a Player-Driven Economy in Gaming?

In the vast realm of online gaming, few epic space dramas are as revered as EVE Online. In May this year, this epic immersive in-game universe turned twenty. Its two-decade history is blood red with chilling battle scenes, funny gags, and ghastly betrayals.


XBox and Mastercard Launch Co-Branded Credit Card

The Xbox Mastercard has no annual fee and offers numerous rewards to qualified Xbox Insiders


Netflix Tests Its Games on TVs and Computers

Netflix on Monday, August 14, announced the start of testing its video games on more devices, including televisions and computers, in addition to smartphones on which games are already running.


Call of Duty to Remain on Playstation After Activision Blizzard Deal With Microsoft

Microsoft has signed an agreement with Sony, according to which the Call of Duty video game will remain available on PlayStation after the tech giant implements a $69 billion takeover deal for Activision Blizzard.


Google Play Games Beta for PC Expands to New Countries

Google has expanded access to the beta version of the Play Games project for PC, with which users can play games designed for Android software on Windows devices.

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Crypto Gaming Startups: Navigating the Intersection of Cryptocurrencies and Gaming Business

The fusion of cryptocurrencies and gaming paved the way for a new and exciting landscape where innovative startups are at the forefront. Crypto gaming startups are leveraging the unique capabilities of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to redefine the gaming business and create novel experiences for players.  One such experience can be sought if you visit […]

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Sega COO Quashes Talk of Microsoft Deal in Favor of Independence

Sega Corporation has not confirmed the information about the negotiations regarding the entry into the ownership structure of Microsoft.


Meta Launches Subscription Service on Games for Virtual Reality Headsets

Meta has announced the launch of a new game subscription service for virtual reality (VR) headsets.