How Are NFT Games Revolutionizing the Tech Industry?

NFT games revolutionizing the tech industry? You heard it right! It’s not just about having fun and killing time anymore; players can now earn valuable in-game assets, trade them on various marketplaces, and even use cryptocurrency to buy and sell them. This innovative concept of true ownership and value has created a new level of […]


Roblox Gamers Spend $773 Million on Virtual Currency Robux in Q1

The Roblox gaming platform reported a significant increase in the level of user activity and growth in sales of the in-game currency Robux in the first quarter of 2023.

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Microsoft Xbox Chief Seeks to Reassure Game Staff on Activision

Microsoft Corp. Executives They tried to assure employees of the Xbox gaming division of the possibility of approving the planned purchase of Activision Blizzard Inc. for $ 69 billion, noting that success in games depends not only on the deal.


14 Tips to Improve Your Decision-Making Skills in Gaming

Video games have become a popular form of entertainment, providing players with hours of fun and excitement. However, it’s important to understand that in today’s world, gaming is not just a hobby anymore. Gaming has become a practice ground for players to make quick and strategic decisions in order to succeed.  Whether you’re playing a […]