Science & Technology

Google DeepMind Debuts Next Generation of Drug Discovery AI Model

Google Deepmind has unveiled the third major version of its artificial intelligence model called AlphaFold, which is designed to help scientists develop medicines and increase the effectiveness of disease control efforts.


Google Opens Digital Wallet to Indian Consumers

Google’s digital wallet has become available to users of the services of this technology giant who live in India.


Google and Pinterest Reportedly Test Ad Partnership in US

The media reports that Google and Pinterest are currently testing collaboration in the sphere of advertising.


Apple Reportedly Explores Partnership With Google for Gemini-Powered Feature on iPhones

The media reported that Apple plans to start cooperating with Google to conclude a mega-deal on the leverage of the Gemini artificial intelligence model for iPhone features.

Fintech & Ecommerce

Malaysia Airlines Partners Google to Harness AI and Digitize Commercial Operations

Malaysia Airlines aims to strengthen its commercial operations, streamline backend processes, and provide tailored experiences to travellers with the help of AI and payment technology delivered by Google.

Science & Technology

Waymo Robotaxi Approved in LA

California regulator has granted approval for Alphabet’s Waymo to expand its driverless robotaxi services to Los Angeles and some cities near San Francisco.

Science & Technology

Google CEO Says About Specificity of AI as Cybersecurity Tool

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that the rapid development of artificial intelligence can enhance security protection in cyberspace.


Google Reportedly to Start Manufacturing Pixel Smartphones in India by Next Quarter

The media reported that Google plans to launch production of its Pixel smartphones in India by the next quarter.

Science & Technology

Google Pauses Gemini AI Image Generator

Google on Thursday, February 22, announced the decision to suspend the operation of the image generation function, which is included in the list of capabilities of the artificial intelligence model called Gemini.


Akurateco Achieves Prestigious Google Pay Certification, Spearheading Enhanced Payment Solutions

Akurateco, a trailblazer in global white-label payment software solutions headquartered in Europe, proudly announces its recent attainment of certification as a participating processor for Google Pay.

Science & Technology

Google Announces Free AI Cyber Tools

Google has announced an initiative in which this technology giant intends to offer consumers artificial intelligence tools and investments for online security.

Science & Technology

Top Sustainable Cloud Solutions

Organisations of all sizes and industries commonly use cloud platforms for data storage, web application hosting and disaster recovery. As environmental concerns grow, modern businesses would like their cloud solutions to be not only secure but also sustainable. Let’s find out which cloud providers are the ‘greenest’ as of 2024. 

Science & Technology

Google One Surpasses 100 Million Subscribers

The number of participants in Google One, the technology giant’s subscriber program, has exceeded the landmark score of 100 million people.

Science & Technology

Google Rebrands Bard Chatbot

Google has rebranded its chatbot based on artificial intelligence and announced the launch of a new user subscription offer, through which consumers will have access to the most powerful AI model developed by this technology giant.


Google Maps to Add AI-Powered Recommendations

Google Maps will soon help customers discover new places by launching a new feature powered by generative artificial intelligence technology.

Science & Technology

Microsoft Revenues Rise 18%, but Investors Unimpressed With AI Operations Boost

Tech giant Microsoft has announced positive quarterly financial results, but coupled with Alphabet’s earnings data, the numbers left investors unimpressed and wiped off $190B in market value for AI-related companies.